Who Actually Likes Protein Drinks?!?

I meet people, both in person and online, who say that they do not like protein drinks. They invest quite a bit on a huge canister of protein powder only to find that they don’t like it. I’m not one of those people NOW. But at one time, I didn’t like protein drinks either. But it would be hard to pry my fingers off of my morning cup of protein coffee or afternoon frappuccino! It’s all in the art of knowing “HOW” to prepare them, or what I like to call “mixology”.

Let’s look at chocolate protein powder for a moment. Many brands carry your basic protein powder. I know of only a few that will knock your socks as mixed with just water. But others, well they might need a little bit of tweaking. In other words, they need some help in how they are prepared and what ingredients are added to them. So if you have a huge bucket of protein sitting around that maybe has had one or two trial run scoops taken out, and left for dead… try this.

Protein coffee. Yes indeed. For those of you who are coffee lovers, just dish out a scoop of your basic protein powder into a cup. Now, these instructions are very important because if you vere from them, you will have quite a lumpy mess on your hands that will not be consumable. Let’s start from scratch:

*Begin by brewing your coffee in a coffee maker (if you choose to microwave it, don’t do it over one minute or else it will clump or “cook” your protein; always ADD coffee to protein powder, it doesn’t work as well to add the protein powder TO your coffee)

* Pour 1/2 to 1 scoop of protein powder in your cup

* Mix about 1/2 ounce of room temperature or cold liquid to the protein powder (I love to use Labrada Lean Body Vanilla or Chocolate RTD but you can use water, milk, a milk alternative, whatever you want to use)

* Take a spoon and stir, stir, stir, mash, stir. When you THINK it’s mixed, continue the directions of stir, stir, stir, mash, mash, stir. When it is a very smooth velvety texture, with no lumps, you’re ready to proceed.

* Add about an ounce or two of your brewed coffee to your paste. Stir until it is mixed nicely. Then fill your cup to your desired serving.

* Add sweetener if desired, though you may not need it depending on the brand and sweetness of the protein powder you use.

* If you want a different flavor, use flavored coffees. This morning I used Gevalia’s Mocha.

* Another alternative to flavored coffees to provide a variety of flavors, use a sugar free coffee syrup. There are several you can purchase at your grocery store by a company called DaVinci. Other brands are Torani, Artista, Monin, and also you can purchase Starbucks syrups at your local Starbucks store. There are also flavored drops made by Capella. These come in a huge variety such as caramel, cinnamon dolce, gingerbread, and vanilla.

Note: When purchasing sugar free coffee syrups, make sure the label states “sugar free”. In the gastric bypass patient, a regular sugary syrup will cause dumping syndrome. In the health conscious or dieters, the sugar can also hinder exercise results and stall weight loss.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to spice up your protein powder. If you happen to be among those who don’t like protein, get creative! Ask a protein guru, do some searches on the internet for sugar free syrups, try mixing your protein in different beverage styles such as a latte’, cappuccino, even a smoothie!

Happy Mixing! And until next time, protein first!

Melinda Richardson
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