What Exercise Burns More Body Fat: Bodybuilding Training with Weights or Cardio?

Question: What Exercise Burns More Body Fat: Bodybuilding Training with Weights or Cardio?

Is cardiovascular exercise really the best exercise to burn fat? Lately I have been hearing that is not the case. If so, what is the best exercise for fat burning?

Answer: To burn fat, bodybuilding training exercise performed with weights gives you more benefit than cardiovascular exercise; believe it or not. There are many reasons for this.

Weight training exercise gives you a metabolic boost for 24-48 hours. The reason for that is because when you perform bodybuilding training exercise with weights a lot of damage happens to the muscle fibers, and thus, the body has to spend energy repairing the muscles and making them stronger than before.

Traditional cardiovascular exercise, on the other hand, only burns calories throughout the duration of the exercise. Once the activity is done, your metabolism goes back to normal.

Because of this, weight training is a better exercise for fat loss since your metabolism is stimulated for much longer. Also, keep in mind that cardiovascular exercise cannot re-shape your body in the way that weight training does. If you are looking to have a tight and fit toned body, emphasize bodybuilding training exercises with weights with some cardio after the workout in addition to it.

With that said, keep in mind that fat loss is really a function of your diet as well, so if you are not following a proper bodybuilding diet for fat loss that puts you in a slightly lower caloric deficit, you won’t be able to lose any body fat. But from the perspective of exercise, bodybuilding training with weights beats cardio any time.


Because with weight training exercise you can:

1. Increase your metabolism for 24-48 hours.

2. Re-shape your physique
Bodybuilding training with weights needs to be emphasized over cardiovascular exercise in order to burn fat.

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One Response for What Exercise Burns More Body Fat: Bodybuilding Training with Weights or Cardio?

  1. August 30, 2010 11:59 am

    Having recently turned 47 and working out, off and on for more than 20 year (more on than off) I agree with your answer, Hugo. I will say, however, for men my age who have a difficult time growing more “lean” muscle, I find that good old-fashioned, super-sets work best.

    Though I can’t handle half the weight I used to, I find that, for example, combining bench press; immediately followed by dumbbell presses, ignites my energy, stamina and metabolism greatly. In addition, I don’t have to do as many sets to achieve optimal results. A friend of mine showed me super-sets back when I was 17 and it’s amazing how well they still work today at almost 50!

    Do this with all your body parts and watch your physique transform right in front of your eyes. Talk about building muscle and burning fat 24/7.

    Lee! Love your products and the awesome information you share with your loyal fans!!