The Truth About Supplements: The Interview

There are many good sports supplements out there—those that combined with optimal training and nutrition can help you get the results you desire. But choosing the right ones without getting scammed is becoming more challenging.

If you feel confused about sports supplement selection and frustrated by confusing supplement advertisements, then you need to listen to this informative, educational audio interview that I recently had with Clayton South. You’ll learn how to navigate the sports supplement shelves, and avoid being scammed. Become a more educated consumer of sports supplements!

One Response for The Truth About Supplements: The Interview

  1. bob


    April 23, 2010 11:21 pm

    Lee –
    You are correct, your products are among the best. I have used your 12 week program several times and have gotten good results each time i used the program and your products. At 55+ I know the importance of working out and staying in good health. Your products and workout program are what people need.
    Once again – THANKS