FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products

On May 1 the FDA issued a warning to consumers asking them to immediately stop using Hydroxycut products due to several reports of health issues (23 to be exact)  associated with elevated liver enzymes. 

While the reason for such health issues associated with the product use remains unknown, for the time being it is best that if you are using the product, you cease to do so.  Knowing what I know about this industry, the causes for such elevated enzyme activity could range from user abuse of the product to poor quality control of the formula itself.  So until the cause is isolated, stop using Hydroxycut.

Cases like this remind me of two things:

1) Always adhere to the directions on the label of a product.  I know from experience in working with people that some consumers think that because many of the products are herbal based, and thus “natural”, they can take two or three times the recommended dosage.  That is not the case!  Many of these herbs are very powerful standardized extracts and if taken in big quantities they will be harmful to your health.

2) Always purchase products from reputable companies.  I am not saying that the company producing Hydroxycut is not a reputable company.  Like I stated, the reasons behind the increased liver enzymes remain unclear and may not even be related to the formula itself as it could simply be user misuse.  All I am saying is that cases like this remind me of the importance to be selective.  Less than reputable companies in the industry have been known for not having in the formula what is advertised on the label.  Because of that I am very selective about the supplements I take and that is why I only use supplements that have been tried and tested to be safe (like the ones produced by Labrada Nutrition which are tested for quality before they even make it to the consumers’ hands).