Refueling Your Body for Sporting Events

Refueling Your Body for Sporting Events

by Lee Labrada

During rest periods in sporting events many athletes will hydrate themselves with water or sports drinks. Replenishing your body with simply carbohydrates and electrolytes in the appropriate manner can help you to avoid dreaded slumps in athletic performance.

I recently came across a quote by Dr. Kim White, Sr. Scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute; Dr. White says “During training and competition it’s a good idea for athletes to use sports drinks for refueling”. If you’re cramp prone it’s primarily due to sodium loss through sweat. Sports drinks replace sodium and help prevent dehydration. Also research shows that taking in a carbohydrate improves sports performance, endurance performance and motor skills.

The problem with most sports drinks is that the concentration of sugar is too high to be properly absorbed.

What Causes the Bloated Feeling from Sports Drinks?

If you have ever quickly ingested an entire bottle of a sports drink then you are familiar with the full bloated feeling that you get right after words. The reason for this is that the ratio of sugar to water is too high.

If you’re going to use sports drinks to rehydrate during athletic events the best manner in which to do this is to cut them in half with additional water, that will ensure that the gut transit time will be reduced and bloating will be eliminated.

How To Better Improve Hydration

POWER CARB™If you want to improve hydration even more and get a competitive edge on your opponents then using a scientifically formulated carbohydrate such as Labrada’s Power Carb will provide you with a powerful tool. Power Carb is absorbed very quickly just like a simple sugar and will not produce bloating. However that is where the similarity stops.  Unlike simple sugars which can cause an energy crash later in competition, Power Carb sustains blood sugar for up to two hours after ingestion. The result can be a competitive edge that cannot be obtained from ordinary electrolyte sports drinks. Power Carb is mixed with water and can be ingested throughout the athletic competition, at half time and even afterwards for refueling. Because Power Carb pulls a substantial amount of water across the gut lining and into the blood stream it is a superior tool for hydrating. Check out Power Carb here =>

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