Labrada Nutrition Announces COOKIE ROLL™ Protein Bars in Two NEW Delicious Flavors!

Labrada Nutrition Announces the release of the COOKIE ROLL™ Protein Bars in Two NEW Delicious Flavors!

Let the Good Tastes Roll~Again!


HOUSTON, TX.-  April 12, 2011 –  Labrada Nutrition today announced the release of Two NEW Delicious Flavors to its line of best-selling COOKIE ROLL™ Protein Bars:

Raspberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Mint

The Raspberry Cheesecake flavor embodies the richness of this exquisite, creamy dessert– you can literally pick up hints of fresh cream cheese in this bar!

The Chocolate Mint flavor tastes like a chocolate mint Girl Scout cookie! Not familiar with those? No problem.  Imagine a soft, warm chocolate cookie laced with a touch of mint, then drizzled with real chocolate… yum!

Labrada Cookie Roll Bars

A little history on our Cookie Roll™

The Cookie Roll™ is the 2nd generation of the award winning Lean Body® Cookie Bar, heralded by Men’s Journal magazine as the “Best Breakfast Bar” and “Best Overall Bar” in its survey of protein bars.

Labrada’s  Cookie Roll™ builds upon this legacy, featuring new improvements that are obvious as soon as you bite into one.  The Cookie Roll™ is softer, more delicious than ever, and features drizzled icing.

It is also the first-ever microwavable protein bar. And this bar’s got nutrition to spare. It packs in 25 grams of high quality Lean Pro protein, fiber, and zero trans fats into a bar that tastes just like an oven-fresh baked cookie. The Cookie Roll™ packs nutrition into a dessert, and turns high protein into pure healthy indulgence.

What Lee Labrada Says About the New Cookie Roll™ Bars

“Even though the Labrada Cookie Roll ™ is high in protein, it’s soft, moist, and chewy,  just like a real cookie tastes right out of the oven,” Labrada Founder and CEO Lee Labrada says. “The new Raspberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Mint flavored Cookie Rolls  are sinfully delicious and flavorful!  You need to taste it to believe it!

With the addition of the two new flavors, Labrada’s COOKIE ROLL™ Protein Bars are now available in a total of 5 delicious flavors:

Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon Bun, Iced Brownie, and Chocolate Chip.

Check out the COOKIE ROLL™ Protein Bars Here.

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