More than 1/3 down!

For those of you competing in this Lean Body Challenge, congrats because you are more than 1/3 of the way complete! Some of you will have already started to see changes, some will be feeling it, others will be hearing comments from other people, and some of you will be working through some challenges.

Whatever group you may fall into, keep at it! It has been my experience that for some reason weeks 4-6 are the sticking spots and many people will fall off the horse, never to get back on it. If you feel that you have hit a rough patch, I encourage you to work through it.

Take some time for yourself, remember why you are competing, remember some of the successes that you have had, remember the first morning when you woke up excited to start the program, or remember that first healthy meal that you were suprised to find you enjoyed! Use whatever is necessary to give yourself a slight kick of motivation.

When I was in the challenge, I used my starting pictures as motivation. I had those unflattering pictures on the walls in my office, on my cabinets, and on my desk. Any time I started to wane in my motivation, I simply had to look at my pre-picture. Any time I was in the kitchen, or was going into the kitchen to potentially cheat or eat something I shouldn’t have; there was my pre-picture. It helped prevent me from constantly slipping up.

Another tool that I used to help myself stay motivated was my wipe board. At the beginning of the challenge, I listed my starting weight, my goal weight, and my ultimate goal: CHAMPION. Every week, I updated the board with my new weight and every morning I was forced to look at my board which reinforced my thought process: “I am the Champion.”

It is important to focus on something that will keep you motivated and upbeat through the challenges that might present themselves. Keep at it and keep working; you are worth it.

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