Is Metabolic Syndrome Causing You to Age Prematurely?

This is a great article from my friend Dr. Gabe Mirkin, on the role of metabolic syndrome in obesity and diabetes. Pay special attention to the high lit section below, which talks about the damage that sugar inflicts on cell walls, causing deterioration and cell death! Additionally, high insulin causes systemic inflammation, which has been implicated in degenerative diseases, auto-immune diseases, and heart disease. It will make you think twice about that desert you are going to eat!    Lee Labrada

As the standard of living in a country increases, so does the incidence of Metabolic Syndrome. Today, one of three North Americans will suffer premature death from the consequences of Metabolic Syndrome, which is caused too little activity and too much food (The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, September 2009).

Warning signs include: abdominal obesity, high triglycerides, low good HDL cholesterol, overweight, high blood sugar and high HBA1C. (HBA1C is a blood test that measures sugar stuck on cells. An HBA1C greater than 5.7 shows that you have Metabolic Syndrome).

Metabolic Syndrome means that you are in the early stages of diabetes. If you store fat primarily in your belly, you probably have high blood insulin levels, a sign that your body cannot respond adequately to insulin.

High insulin levels are caused by high blood sugar levels that cause blood sugar to stick to the surface of cell membranes. Once there, sugar can never get off. It is eventually converted to sorbitol which destroys the cell to cause all the side effects of diabetes. As long as your pancreas still makes insulin, you can reverse metabolic syndrome and diabetes. However, once your pancreas dies you cannot make insulin and your diabetes is not curable.

For my recommendations on preventing diatetes, and for treating it if you have already been diagnosed, see

In summary:


-Don’t be overweight

-Avoid refined carbohydrates except during exercise

-Make sure you have enough vitamin D

-Don’t smoke

-Limit alcohol to no more than two drinks per day

-Eat a healthful diet with plenty of vegetables, beans,

whole grains, nuts and other seeds.