Mascha Tieken: Let Me Introduce Myself

First of all I want to thank Lee Labrada for the opportunity he gave me and I`m happy to write blogs for the Labrada Website.


Please let me introduce my self; My name is Mascha Tieken. And I`m at the moment the only IFBB Figure Pro from the Netherlands. I`m saying at this moment because I will crossover to female bodybuilding in 2010.

I started out competing in 1991 as a female bodybuilder because at that time there was no other category for female athletes. In 1998 the first fitness competition was held in the Netherlands and I crossed over from Body Building to fitness. But to be honest I was not flexible enough so I went back to bodybuilding. After a few years a new category called Figure was introduced and I crossed over again. And ever since then I have been competing as a Figure athlete although everybody (the judges, my trainer Charles Glass and my friend Juliette Bergmann) kept on telling me I had way to much muscle for Figure. After competing in Figure as a Pro for 7 years it is time to “go home” to Female Bodybuilding. I enjoyed the time as a figure athlete and I have learned a lot but it was so hard for me not to put on to much muscle. And one thing I really look forward to is to pose again. I really love to express my self on the music. So with all of this in mind I can not wait to step onstage 🙂

Besides my competition career I`m a gym owner in the Netherlands, For Fun Sport. I work about 80-90 hours a week there and I love to work with new talent to get them in the best shape ever. I work as a personal trainer, help people with there diet and if they have injury’s I have a degree in Medical Fitness.

Even though I`m pretty busy with my gym I still find time to cover and do all the photography at every bodybuilding competition in the Netherlands and I fly to the States to cover the big events like the Olympia and the Arnold Classic. I cover them for a Dutch magazine called Sport & Fitness. Also I have my own column in Muscle and Fitness and the Flex. 

Also this is my first Blog for I will keep you guys up to date with workout and diet techniques we use in Europe. Some things might be totally different and I think you might enjoy reading about them.

 So stay tuned because I will be back 🙂

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One Response for Mascha Tieken: Let Me Introduce Myself

  1. jerry


    December 18, 2009 12:59 pm

    Mascha, looking forward to hearing your insights