I Am Very Honored to be Here!

I am very honored and excited to be here.  I just wanted to say a brief hello today.  I look forward to learning and growing together.

I have been banging around bodybuilding for over 30 years now.  I owned the gym featured in  “Pumping Iron”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.  I was involved with the NPC & IFBB.  In short, I am hooked.  Outside of bodybuilding and the gym business, I had a career in Manhattan real estate and became one of the youngest SR. V.P.s in Manhattan history.  I have opened and grown several other businesses and today I am a best selling author, motivational speaker and the Wellness Director for ISSA .

I originally met Lee way back in the mid 1980’s.  He was teaching at a seminar in a gym in Pt Saint Lucie, Florida.  I went there to learn from the master and all these years later I am doing the same.  Before being asked to be a contributor, I was an avid reader of these blogs and learnng from all the information that is made available here.   I have no intention of stopping and I suggest you do the same.  This site is a goldmine of information!  How cool is my life?   I am a fan turned contributor!  What a blessing! 

When Lee 1st opened Labrada Nutrition,  I remember thinking to myself that this will be one of the best companies, delivering incredible products and I was right.  Knowing Lee, that was an easy prediction. As an athlete Lee was focused, consistent, professional and expected more from himself then anyone would have ever expected.  These same qualities are exhibited in all the Labrada products.  I use them because they work.  Quality ingredients, outstanding taste and cutting edge nutritional science that you can feel!  Lee brought all of the qualities that made him a champion onstage to Labrada Nutrition and we all benefit from it.

I want to point out that, like Lee, we can take the principles we have learned in bodybuilding and apply it to the rest of our lives.  My success in Manhattan real estate didn’t just happen.  I was diligent. I got up every morning ready to go.  When I failed, it didn’t throw me!  Isn’t it true that as bodybuilders we thrive on failure?   That is how we grow!  When things didn’t go quite right, I didn’t let frustration overtake me.  I was prepared because I already knew that few things are more frustrating than building our own bodies.  Frustration turns to patience.   Patience is part of being a bodybuilder.  The patient art of achievement is a big part of the bodybuilding lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing of your successes in and out of the gym!  I look forward to learning from you as we grow together here at Labrada Nutrition.  If you have any questions or topics you would like me to discuss, just leave me a comment here.  We will have fun growing together.

Thank you Lee and team Labrada for all you do to improve so many lives!