Lee_HarnessHumanSpiritDear Friend,

Have you ever stopped and listened to the sound of your heart during a workout? After a set of squats or leg presses, sometimes you can feel the beat in your eardrums. It’s an exercise in self-awareness to follow its beat as you lay the weights down and it begins to slow back to its normal rhythm. Your heart is an amazing piece of biological artwork, continuously pumping life-giving blood to all of the cells of your body. That’s 1900 gallons per day to be exact, or 700,000 gallons per year.

Your Heart Is Amazing
Your heart is tireless, and it’s always working for you. I laid in bed last night thinking about the fact that during my night’s slumber, all of my muscles would be relaxed, and recovering. All of the muscles except my heart. Pretend for a moment that you ARE your heart. Can you imagine not getting a rest… EVER, until the day that you die?!?

Naked athleteIt also made me want to take care of my heart, more than ever. Most people go through life without ever thinking about the stress that they put on their hearts, or for that matter, how dependent they are on their heart for their life.

Many people also go through life without engaging their “other heart.” The heart I am referring to is the human spirit. These people just give up on themselves, failing to reach their maximum potential as human beings created in the image of their Maker. How sad. I believe that every human being is born with all of the intrinsic net worth they will ever need. Some, like wise men, develop a sense and appreciation of that treasure that they truly are. Others, like fools, never realize that they have all of that treasure right underneath their noses.

Training human body.Our Perception Of Self
Our sense of worth is inextricably linked to our perception of self; in other words, our self image. And our self image often dictates how we treat ourselves. Do we care about ourselves or don’t we? Are we worth taking care of? Do we like ourselves? Of course, the answer is “yes.” But perception is reality, and if you don’t think your worth taking care of, you won’t.

Like your physical heart, your other heart, or your spirit, is always there. It’s part of you and it’s always ready to take care of you. You just need to nurture it with positive thoughts and feelings. It’s human to beat yourself up when you make a mistake or fall short of a goal. But it’s important that you don’t dwell on mistakes. We all mess up sometime. It’s how you deal with it afterwards that determines whether a failure becomes permanent.

Next time that you mess up, forgive yourself. Tell yourself that, “OK, I made a mistake, but now I am going to move on and I am going to do better next time.” Then visualize what you will do different next time to get a desired result, and forget about it. Don’t beat yourself up any more.

Silhouette of the jumping man from a rockFeed Your Spirit Positive Messages
Whenever you hear a negative thought cross your mind, replace it with a good one. At first, it will seem difficult, and you may be working at correcting those negative thoughts all the time. That’s OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day. What you will find however, is that over time, if you stick with this method of replacing negative with positive, you will have less and less negative thoughts.

Thoughts beget actions. Thoughts are the wellsprings of actions, and anything that you think about enough eventually starts manifesting itself in your daily life. Don’t take my word for it, try it.

Well-built muscular black man with arms raisedBe A Champion
By the way, I am the proud father of three young boys. Every single morning, before they go to school, I tell each of them, “Be a champion.” Ask my boys what a champion is, and they will tell you, “it’s somebody who tries their best at everything they do.”

I never met a champion that became a champion any other way. Champions aren’t always those who cross the finish line first. Champions aren’t always those who get the gold medal. Champions are those who try their best at everything they do. They are those blessed individuals who live up to their full potential by giving it all they’ve got.

It’s not hard to be a champion. You just have to tap your other heart. Support it, feed it. And try your best.

Yours for a Lean Body,

Your Lean Body Coach™
Houston, Texas

About the Author
One of the world’s most well-known and celebrated bodybuilding legends, Lee Labrada holds 22 professional bodybuilding titles, including the IFBB Mr. Universe. He is one of few pro bodybuilders in history to consistently place in the top four at the Mr. Olympia competition (the “Super Bowl” of bodybuilding) for seven consecutive years—a feat he shares with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has appeared on the covers of more than 100 bodybuilding and fitness magazines and has been featured on CNBC, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and ESPN as a fitness and nutrition expert.

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