Don’t Ever Give Up on Your Bodybuilding Program!

One thing I have noticed when I watch beginners start out their bodybuilding journey at the gym is the fact that many get discouraged easily for a few reasons:

1- They don’t have a solid bodybuilding plan that will take them from A to B, and thus, they get frustrated due to lack of results. If this is the case, then you have landed on the right website as if you take a look at Lee’s FREE 12-Week program that will get you started on the right track.

2-They get discouraged easily when they compare themselves against people that are at the level that they want to be. My advice here is to remember that Rome was not built in one day and you have to stay focused! Remember, that all of the guys or girls who have the level of fitness that you are striving for all started out at the very beginning just like you are right now. Even I (yes, me) started out in very bad shape. If you saw how overweight I was before I ever started to diet and exercise, you would not believe it. Take bi-weekly pictures of yourself, record your measurements every month, and track your progress by using a bodybuilding journal. All of these items (especially the pictures) will show you how you are progressing, and this will keep you extremely motivated.

3-Don’t pay attention to negativity. There are always people that when you start your bodybuilding journey will put you down with negative comments. Most of those comments come from plain jealousy. I have noticed that whenever a person begins to make their own path and starts to differentiate themselves from others, that always sparks some jealousy in some people. My advice is to completely disregard any negativity and just stay focused. There is no room for negativity in the mindset of a successful bodybuilder. Trust me when I tell you that once you have the body that you want most of the same people that criticized you will come to you for advice!

Thus, my advice to all of you who are using bodybuilding as a way to get the physique that you have always dreamed of is: Don’t Ever Give Up! Like the Spartans said: “No Retreat, No Surrender!”

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One Response for Don’t Ever Give Up on Your Bodybuilding Program!

  1. Roy Beard Jr.


    October 14, 2010 10:37 pm

    Hello Hugo
    My name is Roy, I am doing natural bodybuilding I am 4 week out from contest day, I am having problems with losing some body fat and geting tight, I do cordeo morning & night 20 minits cach time, I cut my corb,s back I use Labrada suplement is there something I can take to help that is safe. Your freind Roy.