Best Way to Lose Weight: 5 Secrets to Weight Loss

Best Way to Lose Weight: 5 Secrets to Weight Loss

by Anthony Alayon

There has been much debate as to what the best ways are to lose weight.  Nutrition and diet specialist always tend to place their main emphasis on counting calories but in reality just counting calories alone will not give you the desired permanent weight loss that you are looking for.

With that being said, here are my top 5 ways to lose weight fast:

1.  Control Your Cortisol Levels

If there is one thing I would like for my readers to understand about weight loss, it would have to be the effect of cortisol.  The reason I feel that this is the #1 weight loss secret is because this is a subject that is barely discussed by weight loss experts or popular fitness magazines.

Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the adrenal glands in response to stress.  When it is elevated your body will do the complete opposite of what you would like it to do.  Your body will actually store fat and eat muscle tissue at the same time.

Some of the top reasons your cortisol levels will rise are an improper diet that does not have the right macronutrients, too much exercise (yep, you heard it right!), stress and not getting enough sleep.  If that is not enough for you, when cortisol levels rise, it increases your chances of having high cholesterol, hardened arteries, heart disease and will even affect your immune system.  Also, too much cortisol wreaks havoc in your body’s ability to process insulin and carbohydrates.  As a result, you will suffer from tons of cravings and will be more susceptible to storing carbohydrates as fat instead of using them for energy.

2.  Don’t Forget Your Macronutrients

Ah yes….we cannot forget those macronutrients (carbs, proteins and fats).  Without them you are like a ship without a sail when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals!  You see, all 3 macronutrients, not just 1 or 2, are needed for survival.  Also, while many people do follow weight loss diets that contain the 3 macronutrients, they fail to eat them in the right ratios and at the right times of the day.

This is one of the reasons why people do not get the weight loss results they deserve.  They spend all of their hard earned money following fad diets and while their heart is on the right track, the system being used is flawed and thus they fail to achieve permanent success.  If you are ever going to lose that unwanted belly fat, you must eat the right macronutrients at the right times of the day.  If you do not, don’t expect to change much.

As Lee has advised before, divide your meal plate into “thirds.” Cover one third of your plate with a lean protein source such as fish, turkey, or chicken. Cover the second third of your plate with a complex carb such as a baked potato or brown rice. And cover the last third with a fibrous vegetable such as a green leafy salad, broccoli, or green beans. (You should change foods regularly to insure you’re getting a variety of nutrients.)

3.  Do the Right Exercise In The Right Amounts

Make sure that your main form of exercise is weight training!  Weight training increases your metabolism permanently by adding much needed muscle to your frame.  Muscle not only looks good, but it burns calories 24 hours a day!  Get in 30 minutes of weights 3 times a week and 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week also and you will be just golden.

And by the way, exercise does not need to be boring. It amazes me how so many people think that.  They think that you need to do the same exercises every time you exercise in order to achieve their weight loss goals.  However, this is not the case.

By adding variety to your exercise program, it will not only allow you to keep things fun and exciting but also give you better fat loss results!  It is perfectly fine to walk on a treadmill one day and walk outside the other.  With weight training, switch around exercises a bit every time you go to the gym. You can also play with number of sets, repetitions and even rest periods. The possibilities are endless!

4.  Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

While you definitely should not let the bed bugs bite, you should be getting your sleep.  Sleep is not only important for recovery, but it also helps to keep you anabolic as during sleep your body produces a ton of anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.  As a result of staying anabolic, you are able to increase your metabolism, blast away your belly fat and have a leaner physique!

To add to the list of importance for sleeping, another concern with a lack of sleep is that your immune system function will get compromised and thus, you will be more susceptible to getting a cold or infection.  And obviously, lack of sleep leads to fatigue, lack of focus and irritability.

5.  Drink  Plenty of Water

Water composes about 65% of the human body.  It is needed in order for our body to survive.  Water, believe it or not, helps to keep you from over eating especially when you are feeling hungry for a late night snack.  I only drink water for the most part but every now and then I sneak in a crystal light but I don’t overdo it since plain water works best (crystal light does have some artificial sweeteners). Drink your bodyweight times .66 in ounces of water every day.

Realize that by applying these tactics to your daily lifestyle you will be well on your way to increasing your metabolism and blasting away that unwanted belly fat!

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