Meet An Nguyen, the Heavyweight NPC Nationals Champion, Team Labrada Member and IFBB Pro

Meet An Nguyen, Heavyweight Nationals Champion, new Team Labrada Member and IFBB Pro

by Lee Labrada

In this blog post I want to introduce you to new Team Labrada member and now IFBB Pro An Nguyen.  An just took the NPC Nationals Heavyweight Class by storm earning him a coveted IFBB Pro card.  Below is An’s story on how he got started into the sport of bodybuilding and how he made it to the pro ranks.  Expect to see more from this awesome bodybuilder!

An Nguyen - National Bodybuilding Championships - NPC 2011

“I was born and raised in San Jose, CA. I grew up in a family of 3 sisters and 1 brother. My mother and father were the first generation Vietnamese in America so they did not understand most of the things I did like participating in sports or exercising but even though they did not understand they were still supportive. In middle school I was on the basketball team and wrestling team and that was how weight lifting was introduced to me. When high school come around I joined the football team and I knew that I had to put on size because I knew for football size matter. I knew that to be a great player I needed to be bigger and stronger and that was what I did. I went from being a freshman weighing 135lbs with a status maximum lift on the bench press, squat, and deadlift of 905 pounds to a senior weighing 190lbs with a maximum lift of all three adding up to 1500 pounds. After high school, I did not played sports anymore but did still enjoy working out. After being in the gym so much people told me I should do bodybuilding and that is how bodybuilding started for me.

My first year competing was at the age of 19 and that was also my

An Nguyen - National Bodybuilding Championships - NPC 2011

last year in San Jose, CA. I made the moved to Fresno, CA where I attended to Fresno State University to earn my degree in Kinesiology. During the time I lived in Fresno, CA I met my wife and we got married in Hawaii and now we have two daughters. While going to college and training people and having a family, I never stop competing. With all this I managed to compete every year since I started in 2005 and I have made great progress every year. Beginning of 2011 I moved to Los Angeles (Westchester), CA so I can train at Gold’s Gym in Venice, CA to pursue my goal of being a professional bodybuilder. In July 2011, I competed at the USA Championships held in Las Vegas and I came close to earning my Pro Card but was cut short, placing second. I went back home and I went straight to the drawing board and change up everything I had to to improve myself for my next Pro Qualifier. I teamed up with Charles Glass and he trained and pushed me every workout. I continued to work with Dave Kalick for my diet, for the USA’s he did a great job but for the Nationals, it was game over. And in the end, on November 19th at Nationals in Miami, FL I accomplished what I set out to do, winning the heavy weight class which allowed me to earn my IFBB Pro Card.

An Nguyen - National Bodybuilding Championships - NPC 2011

I am very driven because of my family; it is because of them I push myself to the limit every time. I know that my family depends on me and that is why I will never give up. I am a hard worker who gives 100% toward my goals and that is why I have accomplished many difficult tasks. I have been told by many I am one of the biggest Asian bodybuilders in the World. Turning Pro at the age of 26 and weighing on-stage at 220lbs on a 5’8” frame I know I still have room to grow and improve and I will dedicate myself to be one of the top IFBB Pro’s one day.” – An Nguyen

For more pictures of An check out the link at Muscular Development here: An Nguyen NPC Nationals Pictures from Muscular Development

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  1. December 21, 2011 11:57 pm

    Big An…congratulations on your heavyweight win and also signing with a great company…Labrada Nutrition. It was awesome meeting and talking with you at Nationals. You are a very down to earth person and the family enjoyed taking photos with you…Best of Luck…-Jesse De La Cruz