Shawn Ray Bodybuilding Interview

Hey guys, if you’re a bodybuilder, you’ll enjoy this radio interview I did with Shawn Ray…

MD Radio with
Shawn Ray & Flex Wheeler

Countdown to Mr. Olympia

“The Bridesmaids”

Episode #30

Guests: Lee Labrada, Rich Gaspari & Kevin Levrone

Tune in to MD Radio Monday, September 14th at 4pm PST /7pm EST and hear from the World’s Best Bodybuilder’s NEVER to win the Mr. Olympia!

“The Dragon Slayer” Richie Gaspari a 3-Time 1st Olympia Runner up!

“Mass with Class” Lee Labrada a 2-Time 1st Olympia Runner Up!

“The Maryland Muscle Machine” Kevin Levrone a 4-Time 1st Olympia Runner up!

“Fabulous” Flex Wheeler a 3-Time Olympia 1st Runner Up!

“Sugar” Shawn Ray a 2-Time Olympia 1st Runner Up!

All of these men are in the IFBB Hall of Fame and with 14- 1st Mr. Olympia Runner Up Medals between them not  one of them has a Mr. Olympia Title or Eugene Sandow Trophy for their efforts and contributions to the sport?

Find out 1st hand what these men felt like then and now, as we close in on the 44th Anniversary of the Mr. Olympia Weekend!

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