12 Weeks!

Well for most of you, today is day number 1. It is important to get in the right mindset right off the bat. Hopefully you have looked over both the meal plans and the workout routines. My advice, don’t overthink this, especially at the beginning. The path is laid out for you, just follow it to success!

Make a conscience thought, that you will finish this program. Know there will be obstacles and you might stumble along the way, but FINISH the RACE!!!

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  1. Mike Messer


    January 27, 2009 11:10 pm

    Day 2

    I just finished watching Biggest Loser on NBC and there was a quote that I thought would be relevant for those who are competing in this challenge.

    “Build upon success.”

    Whatever successes you begin to have in this program, use it. You are laying the foundation to a better life. Maybe today, you passed on that cake at work. Maybe today, for the first time, you went to the gym. Maybe it was something as simple as you woke up feeling better about yourself.

    Whatever your success today was, build on it and make tomorrow a success also!

  2. Tim


    January 28, 2009 8:00 am

    Very motivational blog you have here Mike. I think it’s wonderful you are doing this!

  3. Mike Messer


    January 28, 2009 9:07 am

    Day 3

    Challenges. Challenges will be inevitable. It is what you do about those challenges that will define your success on this program, and in life.

    My blaring alarm this morning at 5:45 was not a challenge, more of a huge annoyance. I was having a nice dream, when suddenly, BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I rolled out of bed and glanced out the window to see a white blanket covering everything! Snow, and lots of it!

    My immediate thought was to get back into bed, roll over and sleep until I had to go to work. As my mind raced through the various ideas, my body responded as I had trained it. Down the stairs I went, into the kitchen to prepare my pre-workout drink…

    I pulled into the empty gym parking lot and smiled to myself. I remembered a quote that I had heard somewhere, “Do what the ordinary person isn’t willing to do, have what the ordinary person isn’t willing to achieve.”

    The ordinary person would have rolled over. They would have gone back to sleep. They would have laughed at me as I trudged off to the gym. But I will have what they won’t have and aren’t willing to work for. I will achieve my goals.

    If I was willing to drive in the snow for work, I was willing to drive in the snow for ME.

  4. Mike Messer


    January 29, 2009 7:26 pm

    Day 4

    This is a “hump day.” If you have been working out and following the program you are probably starting to feel a bit sore. This is normal and will pass as your muscles are just getting used to an increased workload.

    For me, this day wasn’t bad because my body ached, it was bad because I started to have inklings of cravings. Those darn turkey subs and french fries begin to call out my name. Knowing when to say yes is almost as important to me as knowing when to say no.

    I try to follow a decent diet but will often be tempted by (turkey subs) things that I shouldn’t be eating. To help me with this, I have a SCHEDULED cheat meal. I know that this sunday:

    -gym workout

    – return home for post workout shake


    -head to hospital, (my wife is having our second child tomorrow; more on this in tomorrow’s blog) eat a grilled chicken, rice, vegetable meal which is already prepared…

    -return home, have a shake

    -turn on tv and watch the Super Bowl and eat A TURKEY SUB!!

    I find when I have a cheat scheduled out, I can forgo eating bad foods (turkey subs) because I know when I can eat it and when I won’t eat it.

    quiz- have you guessed what my favorite cheat meal is???

  5. Mike Messer


    January 30, 2009 6:37 am

    Day 5


    As I type this at 5:30 (am) we are preparing to drive to the hospital. Today is C-Section day and within 3 hours time we should have a new addition to our family!

    I, as a new dad (for the second go-round) really have nothing on my plate except to be there for my wife and make numerous phone calls after he is born.

    Today is not going to be a gym day, (I think Lee will excuse this). But I have my meals prepped just as if today was an ordinary, “drive to work Friday.”

    My advice today: Prep is key, if you have prepped for the extraordinary day, you will be able to stick with this program until the end.

    Off to the hospital…..did I mention it was super early in the morning….

  6. mikey w


    January 30, 2009 10:16 am

    Congrats on the baby! I hope to follow the blog and get some ideas and motivation in cutting some of the pounds that are keeping me down.
    Thanks for the updates.

  7. Mike Messer


    January 31, 2009 11:12 am

    My son was born yesterday morning and weighed 8lbs 5oz. Mother and child are doing fine and are recovering nicely.

    Today is all about perception. I woke up this morning and went to the gym. Many of my friends and even some family members were (or will be) shocked to learn this. They will perceive this to be me not caring about my wife and new son, or caring only about myself.

    I can already hear the comments, “He went to the gym?!?!?!? While you were stuck in the hospital?!?! What an @^&#%

    Here is the thing that my wife and I have come to understand and hope to pass on: It doesn’t matter what others think!! My wife and I know why I was at the gym pounding the iron early this morning. I am on a path that will save my life.

    Before this challenge I was a morbidly obese 300 pounder. If I was at the hospital eating a cheeseburger and fries hanging out, nobody would have said anything. Nobody would have warned me that I was ending my life early. Nobody would have told me that I was sacrificing time with my family in the future. It would have been accepted as
    N O R M A L!!!

    Perception is key; I was at the gym this morning so that I will be around in the future.

    How do you perceive what you are doing on this challenge?

  8. Mike Messer


    February 1, 2009 10:51 am

    Day 7

    This for me is turkey sub day, (the greatest meal there is); other people may call it a cheat meal day. Eh, to each their own. I personally don’t understand eating anything other than turkey subs for cheats, but I guess each person is different. (I mean come on, it is a TURKEY sub!!!)

    Nothing about my meals will change today with the exception of that one meal. I still had my post workout shake and I have all my other meals planned. Early on, I made the mistake of having cheat DAYS instead of cheat MEALS and I suffered the consequences.

    Don’t ruin the hard work of the last 7 days, enjoy whatever cheat meal you have chosen and get ready for the start of week number 2!

  9. Mike Messer


    February 2, 2009 9:32 pm

    Day 8

    Congrats! Week one is complete! For many, this is a very nice accomplishment; good job! Focus on your the successes you had through week one; recognize where you slipped-up and adjust accordingly.

    Yesterday was a cheat day, today was not supposed to be one, but it was. I recognize what happened, (I stress eat and today was a stress day); Rather than focus on the negatives of today, I have set my plans for tomorrow so I get back up on the horse.

    We must make mistakes and fail sometimes in order to succeed…

  10. Lisa


    February 4, 2009 2:55 pm

    Week 2 already!!! Week one was a definite success even with Superbowl temptations. I was really amazed that I could actually FEEL my metabolism speeding up. This week, I’m not as hungry though, and I’m having trouble eating all my meals. I’ve had to add a couple protein shakes to get my daily requirement in. I can’t do the egg whites. I plan to weigh on Sundays but I cheated and weighed today, wish I wouldn’t have! I’m a pound heavier than last Sunday. I lost 3lbs last week though and that felt GREAT!!! Can’t wait to see what happens from here.

  11. Mike Messer


    February 5, 2009 8:43 am


    Congrats on making it through week 1; especially with all those Super Bowl foods out there!

    As far as the egg whites go, my suggestion would be to mix in different spices or veggies to alter the taste a bit. See if that helps out. Keep it up!!!!

    I have been feeling a bit under the weather and with the addition of my newborn son, it makes for some less than ideal sleep at night. When things aren’t going according to plan, I find it necessary to buckle down on the diet even more. Food is fuel and I need fuel to keep my body running, (on no sleep, lol).

    When things start running out of control, you need to try and control the things you can.

  12. Mike Messer


    February 9, 2009 10:35 pm

    Wow! Where does the time go? You have completed week 2!!! Hopefully you have a nice routine established now. There is probably significant muscle soreness now, but as I said before, work through this, it will improve.

    Keep focused on what your goals for this challenge are; whatever they may be…

    When I went through this challenge, the second week is the time that I started to FEEL it. The scale was dropping, but I couldn’t see a difference at all. What started to motivate me, was the FEELING that I was changing…

    Stay focused and stay on your routine, and enjoy week 3!

  13. Mike Messer


    February 11, 2009 1:01 pm

    One of the biggest mistakes that I made during the challenge, (and still am improving on) was diet. I got into a very bad habit of finding ONE meal that I enjoyed, and eating it for every single meal.

    Chicken, broccoli, and a baked potato fit nicely into most meal plans but it starts to become more of a nuisance when you are eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day.

    Trust me, I have done this and at first it works great, but after about 3 weeks of that I started to crave crazy foods. (Nothing like a pickle and jelly sandwich, just different combinations.)

    Hopefully this challenge is going to become a stepping stone for a healthier lifestyle. Can you imagine eating chicken, broccoli and a potato for every meal, FOREVER?!?! The solution: experiment with different foods and different meals. Once you find other things that fit your nutrient profiles, you will no longer be burdened with the thought that you are dieting.

    This is a lifestyle change, so start experimenting!!

  14. Mike Messer


    February 12, 2009 10:17 pm

    While at the gym today, I observed two gentlemen as they attempted some tricep exercise. I use the word attempted because they were more concerned with outdoing the other person then they were with using proper form. As these two struggled and strained with every muscle in their neck, (and legs), I cringed. These two were seriously lucky that they didn’t hurt themselves.

    The gym is a place where you want to be cheating as little as possible. Proper form is imperative for proper muscle growth and injury avoidance. I am always game for some competition, but in the gym I settle for competing with myself only. Occasionally, I will see if I can beat some personal bests but I never try to “outlift” the guy next to me. I am at the gym, busting my butt for me. When entering the gym, please remember why you are there.

  15. Mike Messer


    February 17, 2009 12:39 am

    3 weeks in!

    By this time you have your routine set, you have your meals planned out, your workouts are smooth, and you are rolling!

    You have probably heard the quote, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” before? Well the Lean Body program is one of those things that, “ain’t broke.” This program is tried and true, there is no reason to try and fix it.

    At my job, I use an expression: “E.A.E,” which stands for “Everybody’s An Expert.” Have you told anyone that you were competing in the Lean Body Challenge? Have you told anyone you were losing bodyfat or working to gain muscle? Most likely SOMEONE started to give you “expert” advice on the “best” way to accomplish this.

    I would hear the craziest stories from these, “experts!” Someone actually told me that in order to gain muscle, I need to eat tons and tons of CHICKEN BONES. He swore that it worked for him years ago….

    Now I am not going to debate the practice of eating chicken bones, heck if it worked, more power to him, (seriously? chicken bones???) What I am going to tell you is if you look through this website, you will see past winners, you will see past participants, and you will even see an IFBB Hall of Famer!

    My point is, in order to hit your goals, and achieve the body you want, do you want to listen to a real expert, like Lee (and crew), or some guy telling you to eat chicken bones?

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