Healthy Lean Flank Steak Street Tacos

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If you’re like me, you cannot pass a taco stand without wanting to grab a taco. Only downside is that generally doesn’t complement your overall diet plan. The meat and tortillas are usually cooked in grease or butter, adding unnecessary saturated fat to your diet. But that doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy the food we’ve all come to love and appreciate. Here are my FitMenCook version street tacos.

Ingredients for 3 Tacos:

6 oz lean flank steak
3 Food for Life corn tortillas
choice of raw veggie – I used purple cabbage for color since I like to eat at least 3
different colors for each meal
Fresh cilantro
Avocado-lime salad dressing
Seasoning for steak: cumin, chipotle chili pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic


1. Season flank steak with cumin, chipotle chili, cayenne pepper and garlic paste.
2. Set a non-stick skillet on medium-high heat and add seasoned flank steak. Cook until
desired readiness.
3. Chop flank steak into tiny pieces and set aside.
4. Prepare the avocado-lime dressing according to the instructions in the link.
5. Chop up veggies (purple cabbage), limes and fresh cilantro.
6. Warm corn tortillas in the oven or the microwave for about 30 seconds.
7. Build your taco – add cabbage, meat, dressing, cilantro and fresh lime juice.

Approximate macros (Without Dressing):

510 calories, 52g protein, 35g carbs, 17g fat, 5g fiber, 2g sugar

About the Author

photo 1 (1)Kevin is a fitness enthusiast out of Dallas, TX. When he saw himself in his friend’s Facebook photo he knew it was time to make a change. He was overweight, felt sluggish and had steadily rising blood pressure. So, he did what many people try to do – he started exercising to try to “out train” a poor diet. He quickly learned through periods of weight cycling that if he was going to accomplish his fitness goals, it would have to be through a steady, healthy diet, complemented by hard work in the gym.

He started studying nutrition and got started cooking! In 2012 Kevin started a small blog to share his meals online in order to build a community around healthy food ideas.

The blog was called Fit Men Cook and it had a simple message and belief system – “Our bodies are built in the kitchen, Sculpted in the gym.”

Kevin firmly believes that healthier food options do not have to be boring. Ever. In fact, they are pretty tasty!

Fit (Wo)Men Cook is the “fit” story of all of us. It is taking your individual success stories and things (in nutrition & fitness) that have worked for you, and sharing those ideas with the masses so we can all grow, improve together. Just everyday people – no matter the fitness level or athletic ability – aiming to live the best life possible through fitness and healthy eating. Are you a Fit (Wo)Men Cook?

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