Healthy Lean Body Recipes: Coffee Pot Oatmeal

Coffee Pot Oatmeal 
by Johnathan Zamora

Making the commitment to regular exercising and lean eating takes hard work, dedication, will power and the drive to succeed where others fall short. With unique obstacles taking shape on an almost daily basis (erratic work schedules & traveling, family commitments, etc.) sticking to your eating routine takes planning ahead. For me, one of the toughest times to stay on point is traveling for work. Living out of a suitcase for an extended period can turn your eating schedule upside down…if you let it.
I encourage you to read the abundance of information available on Lee’s blog – there are great insider tips to help you reach your goals. Today, I’m sharing a tip that I use when traveling – making oatmeal in a coffee pot. (Its’ not just for coffee, you know.) This trick can be used at almost all hotels in the US. and can really come in handy when ideal body-friendly breakfast foods are not available.  
How its done: Place the pre-measured oatmeal into the coffee pot (I use 1/2 cup dry oatmeal), fill the water holder with 1 cup of water and turn on the machine. That’s it!
*Depending on the strictness of your diet and preference, honey or other sweeteners can be added to the oatmeal before you “brew” it.
Now you have great alternative to the complimentary doughnuts in the lobby. If you forget oatmeal packets or it’s simply not available you can always count on Lean Body Breakfast shakes to help you stay on track.
Remember the fitness journey is not without its bumps in the road, setbacks or surprises – but our ability to navigate those curveballs will ultimately lead to success.

Johnathan Zamora
The Fit Chef

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