Arugula, Watermelon, Feta and KIND Strong Bar Salad

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Every good meal’s kicked off with a salad. They’re a great way to bring a refreshing dish to the table and wet your palette for dishes to come. That said, salads don’t have to be wimpy! Make this primer to your meal good enough to be a standalone dish. One of my new favorite ways to spice up salads is to add crushed STRONG & KIND bars to the mix. They’re all-natural ingredients and whole nuts and grains make for a fantastic topping and are an easy way to boost healthy fats and protein content—think croutons with added nutritional value.

Plus, funky flavors like honey mustard create a flavor explosion in your mouth. Toss them with fresh summer fruit like watermelon, add some feta cheese, and you’ve created a salad that’s sure to be a hit!

Ingredients 2-5 servings:

• 5 cups arugula
• 3 STRONG & KIND (or generic granola) bars. (I recommend roasted jalapeno or honey
mustard flavors because their added smoky flavor contrast the fresh watermelon and
• 3 cups chopped watermelon
• 1/3 cup crumbled feta cheese


1. Break your favorite flavor of STRONG & KIND bar into pieces. You can do this one of two ways: get them cold in the fridge, slip them into a Ziploc bag, and hammer (without totally pulverizing) them, or simply break the bar into pieces using your hands. Set your “croutons” aside.

2. Dice watermelon into cube-sized pieces.

3. To take it on the go place the individual ingredients in separate compartments and assemble each salad individually to avoid making the arugula soggy.

We understand that not every salad is going to be divided evenly—after all, sometimes you’re looking to chow down on more green and sometimes you’re all about the main course. Our recommendations are that each individual salad should contain about: 1 cup arugula, 1/2 STRONG & KIND bar, 1/3 cup diced watermelon, and 1 tbsp feta cheese.

Approx Macros for 1 salad recipe yields 2-5 servings:

171 Calories, 9g protein, 14g carbs, 11g Fat

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