Why You Should Record What You Eat

Research indicates that when you don’t track your food intake you are very likely to overestimate or underestimate the food you eat in your bodybuilding diet.  Even with someone like me who knows by heart most of the nutritional values of food, if I start estimating my food intake without recording it, eventually I reach a point when bodybuilding results stop to come.  When that happens, I immediately start to track my food and find that I am either under eating or over eating.

My advice to you is that if you are just starting out, tracking food is essential. If you are looking to lose body fat, this practice will prevent you from overeating.  If you are looking to gain solid muscle, tracking your food intake will allow you to know at what level you gain muscle the best without adding body fat.  In addition, writing down what you eat will also help you to get familiarized with the nutritional content of various foods and also with your own body (as by recording your food intake you will see what caloric level works best for you).

If you are looking to do competitive bodybuilding some day, then it is imperative that you track your food intake as when it comes to bodybuilding dieting for competition, your food intake needs to be as precise as humanly possible.

So if you notice that you are getting nowhere fast, start tracking your bodybuilding diet by writing down everything you eat and you will see how easily you get back on track.

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