What do I mean by that?! Pull over…I’ll explain…

While it is extremely important to make sure that you are consistently “surprising” your muscles by varying your exercises frequently, it is also important to vary the TEMPO of your reps! REPETITION TEMPO is the speed at which you perform each rep and depending on the speed that you choose, you will accomplish different goals. The amount of time that your muscle is under tension (when performing each rep) will give a specific result.

POWER reps are designed to do just that…give you power! These reps are performed as fast as possible. Be sure to maintain good form throughout the movement so that you are not “that guy” (or girl!) at the gym 🙂

TENSION reps are designed for endurance. These reps are performed slowly in a 4/2/1 format. The goal is to take 4 seconds on the negative range of motion (eccentric contraction), hold for 2 seconds (isometric contraction) and then return to the starting position (concentric contraction) in about 1 second. This is a great place to start for beginners because you can focus on proper form, build a good foundation and develop the oh-so-important mind-muscle connection!

SIZE reps are designed for muscle gain (hypertrophy). The tempo for these reps is moderate (2-3/0/2). For the moderate reps, the goal is to take 2-3 seconds on the negative range of motion (eccentric contraction) and then immediately return to the starting position (concentric contraction) using the same two second count.
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