Well, LABRADA Nutrition fans, if there is a day to be tempted by sugary sweets, today is that day! Chocolate bars, candy corn, and caramel apples, just to name a few! (…and no, that does not make them healthy just because a fruit is in the name!) Basically, if it’s main ingredient is sugar, it is widely available for your consumption today! Now, to take these delights out of HALLOWEEN would just be plain MEAN! So, here are some great TRICKS that will still enable you to enjoy your HALLOWEEN TREATS!

1. MODERATION is the most important, by far!!

  • You can still INDULGE in your favorite treats without OVER indulging!
  • Eat a SNACK SIZE bar of your favorite candy instead of a regular size bar (Note: The average MINIATURE/”FUN” size bar of chocolate has ~75-95 calories compared to ~200-250 calories in the regular-size bar! Big difference!)
  • LIMIT your ALCOHOL intake ~ For instance, your cups of “Witch’s Brew” should be ONE or TWO!


  • Get your WORKOUT in before the fun and festivities!
  • If you are trick-or-treating, WALK instead of DRIVE!
  • If at a Halloween party, dance up a storm! Oh yes, do the MONSTER MASH until you are all mashed out! 🙂

3. INCORPORATE the sugary carbs into your MACROS for the day!

  • For example, immediately POST-WORKOUT, where you should be eating a fast-digesting carb, eat your favorite treats! WIN-WIN!
  • This is the perfect time to have your low-fat, high-sugar sweets, like CANDY CORN, SOUR PATCH KIDS, SKITTLES,

LABRADA Nutrition fans, the key is to still have your FUN without being GHOULISH…eh hem…foolish…and ruining all of the excellent progress that you have been making with your workouts and healthy eating! Remember, you want to leave the SPOOKY sights for Halloween day…and not have them appear in your mirror or on the scale the next day! 😉

So, go have a “SCREAM” and ENJOY whatever TREAT that you DREAM, but just make sure that along with your fabulous COSTUME’s “theme”, you make MODERATION today’s “scheme”!


Stay motivated! 🙂


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