Stay Lean by Doing THIS, not THAT

Stay Lean by Doing THIS, not THAT

by Tinzer Mills

By now we are probably all familiar with the popular diet and nutritional help books about eating “this” and skipping “that”. It is as simple as just choosing a healthy alternative to one’s favorite foods by making a better choice. For example, if pizza is your vice, then instead of getting the stuffed crust, meat lover’s pizza, you should opt for the healthier, more nutritious version. This could be a pizza made with whole wheat crust, no sugar added tomato sauce, and loaded up with fresh veggies, turkey bacon, and low fat cheese. Thus, choosing the better option of the two pizzas will save you many calories while still allowing you to get that pizza fix.


Now I would like to propose the same idea with our everyday routines, by simply “DOING THIS not THAT”

For example, when you get the urge to take that mid afternoon nap, drink a nice cup of strong coffee and go for a brisk walk. Getting your blood flowing and having that little caffeine kick will give you a nice little burst of energy. Also, instead of meeting a friend for lunch, meet them in the park for a nice walk. You will not only be bonding but burning some calories with the distraction of great conversation.

Another one of my favorite lifestyle “THIS’s” is instead of lying on the couch during the commercials of your favorite TV show, get down on the carpet and do abdominal exercises or pushups. Throughout a 30 minute show, you can get in as much as 8 minutes of exercise. And during that 1 hour to 2 hour TV special you love to watch, you can get in a good solid 30-45 minute abdominal routine by just crunching during commercials. Simply dropping down to the carpet and repping out some pushups or V-crunches can help burn extra calories that would otherwise not have been burned sitting on the couch.

Lastly, my favorite do THIS, not THAT, is merely, as we have probably all heard before, TAKE THE LONG WAY AND TAKE THE STAIRS! Simply parking a few more rows father back at the grocery store or mall and taking the stairs on the inside of the mall will help burn extra calories every day. Just a conscious effort to take the long way can help our physical health and relieve extra stress through the release of endorphins.


Although these may seem like small steps, these expended calories through extra exercise and the saved calories through making better choices at EVERY meal add up quickly.

So remember, you can still eat what you want but just choose the better, more healthy option. You can still watch TV just do some sort of exercise during those repetitive and boring commercials. And you can still get your every day shopping and errands done in record time just by taking the long way round, you may just have to walk a little bit faster.

Stay Lean by Doing THIS, not THAT!

Tinzer Mills

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