Quick Weight Loss Tricks That Really Deliver

Quick Weight Loss Tricks That Really Deliver

by Martin Bolduc

If you’re on the lookout for some quick weight loss tricks, the following you’re definitely going to want to make use of. So many people approach their fat loss program attempting to make a huge diet overhaul that only leads to them becoming frustrated and not getting the results they’re after.

Fortunately, if you have the right quick weight loss tricks to utilize, this won’t be the case for you.

Let’s take a brief look at what you need to know so that you will, without question, see the quick weight loss that you’re after.

Quick Weight Loss Trick #1: Eat Breakfast Within 30 Minutes Of Waking

If there’s one misconception that many people have about how to lose weight quickly it’s that they should skimp on breakfast in order to save calories. You think that if you can do away with this meal, you’ll have 300-400 calories more to eat later on in the day. Or, if you choose to just not consume those calories at all, you’ll just lose weight that much faster.

The problem with this thinking though is that the vast majority of time, those who decide to forgo this meal actually just end up eating more later on in the day because of it. Their stomachs are ravenous and by the time 10 am rolls around, they’re headed right for that vending machine and nothing’s stopping them.

If you can eat a small, healthy meal first thing upon waking, your hunger is going to be far more controllable throughout the day thus you’ll see better results.

Quick Weight Loss Trick #2: Drink Plenty Of Green Tea

Second, another great weight loss trick is to make sure you are drinking plenty of green tea on your diet. Green tea will also act to create a feeling of fullness in the body since it is a hot liquid and it will also help to speed the metabolic rate as well.

Green tea offers numerous health benefits, so this is one drink you really can’t go without.

Quick Weight Loss Trick #3: Eat Your Protein First

Third, when meal time rolls around, make sure that you’re eating your protein rich foods first. These tend to create better satiety in the body so by eating them to start off with, you may just reduce back on how many calories you consume overall.

Also always make sure that you include protein with each meal and snack you eat as it is the single most important nutrient to have on a fat loss program.

Quick Weight Loss Trick #4: Plan For A Snack Before Bed

Finally, don’t shun snacking at night. If you want to eat at night and you plan for it by working those calories into your program, it’s perfectly possibly to have something light before turning in.

Focus on a protein based snack with a small amount of healthy fat rather than the typical snack foods most people eat however. Those foods are just going to prompt you to eat more and that’s when this late night snack really becomes a problem.

If you plan for this snack and choose wisely, it definitely can be part of a healthy meal plan.
So keep these quick weight loss tricks in mind. If you can incorporate them into your program, you will, without a doubt see the results you’re after.

Keep Moving, Stay Fit,

Martin Bolduc, CPT, ACE, BCRPA
Lean Body Challenge Champion

** Martin Bolduc is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Express Fat Loss and the winner of the Lean Body Challenge 2008. Martin is a Certified Personal Trainer ACE and BCRPA and a natural bodybuilder. Martin helps hundreds of clients to reach their goals. Get your Special Report on Express Fat Loss

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