Quick, no-fuss lunch: Italian Veggie Wrap

This installment of no-fuss quick lunches is the Italian veggie roll-up. This easy to make muscle meal includes 5 super foods that will boost your health, increase fat loss and taste great!

Check out some of the super powers of the foods included in this week’s recipe:

Chickpeas (Hummus)– The main ingredient found in Hummus, chickpeas are high in protein, low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Hummus is a great protein source for vegetarians and contains a healthy dose of fiber. Along with these benefits, chickpeas are effective in preventing cholesterol build-up and can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Basil – A major benefit of this awesome food is its anti-bacterial properties. Unlike most plant foods, the majority of its benefits are not derived from the phytochemicals or flavonoids but rather from the volatile oils. Basil is one food you should include to help ward off the common cold. In addition to containing these properties Basil acts as an anti-inflammatory and is a good source of Vitamin C.

Spinach – As readers may know, I am a huge fan of spinach and attest that it should be eaten as frequently as possible. I wanted to include a leafy green that has a slight flavor and not to overpower the other ingredients. Spinach is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, with countless health benefits ranging from improving the immune system, being a good source of iron, and containing cancer-preventing compounds.

White mushrooms – Another amazing food to help boost the immune system and help with weight loss is white mushrooms. Known as the button mushroom, this food is high in Selenium which not only aids in weight loss but has been shown to contain anti-cancer properties too.

Chicken Breast – The lean protein source cannot go overlooked as a powerful super food. Containing B-vitamins, specifically Vitamin B-6 which helps boost energy levels, chicken breast is a staple that always has been and always will be a staple in the bodybuilding diet. Research published in 2004 cites chicken breast and other low-fat protein sources to provide protection against Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related health declinations.

On to the Recipe!

Italian Veggie Roll-up

Yield: 1 sandwich

1 ea. Whole wheat wrap
5 oz. Lemon Pepper grilled chicken, sliced
2 ea. Roasted red peppers, cut into strips
11/4 cup Basil

1/2 cup mushrooms, cooked

1 cup Spinach

Method of Preparation

1. Spread hummus on wrap, top with spinach, red peppers, and mushrooms. Add grilled chicken strips and fold.

Nutritional Information: per serving

425 Calories

50g Protein
45g Carbohydrates
12g Fiber
10g Fat

Johnathan Zamora
The Fit Chef