Old School, New Body – Review

Old School, New Body – Review
by Jonathan Lawson

During my time at Iron Man Magazine, I spent nearly 20 years training with Steve Holman, the magazine’s editor in chief.  We came up with some of the greatest training routines I’ve ever followed and we even co-published the best of the best in several different e-books together.

Since then, however, Steve has also ventured out into new training territory with Becky, his wife.  He and Becky have come up with their F4X System based on the legendary density training techniques of the late Vince Gironda.  The methods in their new Old School New Body e-book are aimed at those over 35 years of age who want increased health and the anti-aging benefits of resistance training… without the need for anything more than moderate weights.  That doesn’t mean the training is easy, however.

They’ve split the training into three levels:

  1. Lean: A simple 4-exercise routine for beginners or anyone else who wants to train 3 days a week with weights. Not for hardcore bodybuilders, but perfect for anyone looking to naturally increase growth hormone production and to melt body fat with the added bonus of a couple pounds of new quality muscle.
  2. Shape: More extensive 45-minute workouts 3 days per week. Basic bodybuilding for both men and women utilizing F4X on every exercise so there’s no need for injury-inducing poundages.
  3. Build: Full-range Positions of Flexion routine used on every muscle group. It’s got the F4X system combined with other intensity techniques to allow continued use of moderate weights with even more gains.

The multiple meal plans included in Old School, New Body  make it an even more complete e-book for those also looking for fat-loss and nutrition tips.  They cover some key supplements, hormone boosting, alcohol (how it’s not always so bad) and a whole lot more.

Geared towards those 35 and over who are looking to increase their quality of life through weight training, it’s actually got a lot of great information for anyone of any age looking to get in better shape, in my opinion.  Plus, it includes multiple other e-books as well, with information from muscle building and fat burning to general health and better sex.

About the Author
Jonathan Lawson has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years; weight training for 21 years, competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions, worked for IRON MAN Magazine for 17 years, co-owns X-Rep.com where he has co-published over 15 e-books and writes a daily training blog.  He has appeared on the covers of, and been featured in, dozens of international magazines, books and e-books.

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