Obesity Myths & Weight Loss Drugs – Just Say No! Part 2

Obesity Myths & Weight Loss Drugs – Just Say No! Part 2
by Zachary Mills

(Continued from Part 1)

But for a long while I’ve sat back and watched as the pharmaceutical companies have pushed one drug after the next.  In the last several years, there have been several FDA approved weight loss drugs hitting the market.  Great, right?  WRONG!

The pharmaceutical industry needs continued business to keep the profit margin high which means that profits always come first, and the health and concerns of the consumer come a far distant second.

Just because the FDA approves it, that does not make it safe…pain killers and other narcotics are examples of FDA approved drugs that can have short and long term harsh side effects including death.  These new weight loss drugs should be approached with extreme caution.  In fact, the newer drugs were repeatedly voted against by the FDA until the respective drug companies made some major revisions…now that they’ve been approved, there are doctors speaking out about the harmful effects of these drugs along with their lack of effectiveness.

Surely for genetic obesity disorders and for the already morbidly obese population, such type drugs or surgeries might be a necessary evil.  But what about the people who could’ve prevented severe obesity?  Obesity is a choice, and as a country, we can choose healthy and lean bodies.  The causes (non-genetic) are generally pretty simple.  Lack of exercise and poor diet.  There are those who suffer from insecurity and depressive disorders, and those things should certainly be addressed, potentially by a medical professional, but not simply by a weight loss drug, as that will not cure the underlying cause…just as these weight loss drugs don’t make up for poor diet or laziness with regards to exercise.

There is no miracle drug.  If you continue to not exercise and continue to consume a poor diet YOU WILL BE OBESE.  There is no getting around this.  Unfortunately, these weight loss drugs will be sold to average consumers trying to lose weight in an easy way.  All at the expense of good health.  Junk food, the couch, and drugs with very harmful side effects…is that your goal?  Do you believe that’s conducive to good health?  Obviously not!  Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and many many other maladies can be directly linked to obesity in many cases.  Don’t be a victim of your own bad habits!

Let’s take a look at some of the bad side effects linked to three very common drugs (not trade names, check the label of any drug for these ingredients) orlistat, topiramate and phentermine.  Keep in mind, death is a side effect that you definitely want to avoid!

Topiramate is an anti-seizure drug that can be used for weight loss.  Side effects include:

-Cognitive defects including confusion & memory loss

                -Nausea & Diarrhea


                -Birth Defects

                -Numbness & Tingling

-Phetermine is an appetite supressor that has been approved by the FDA.  Side effects include:

-Convulsions (seizures)

                -High Blood Pressure

                -Hostility With An Urge To Attack





-Orlistat is an anorectic drug (strike one) that reduces intestinal fat absorption by inhibiting pancreatic lipase. This inhibition leads to the prevention of fat hydrolysis and the breaking down of triglycerides (strike two). In laymen’s terms, this causes fat to pass through the digestive system undigested. Fat literally passes through your body without being broken down and it must be excreted immediately (the body cannot hold it). So to put it bluntly, you’d best be wearing a diaper if you plan on supplementing with Orlistat as your fecal matter will now control you, and not the other way around (strike three).  Other side effects include:

-Diminished Gallbladder Function

-Impaired Liver Function

-Steatorrhea & Fecal Incontinence – meaning oily, loose stools,

-Frequent or urgent bowels


A cautionary warning for orlistat users looks something like this: “Before you fully become used to the effects of orlistat, it’s definitely a good idea to wear dark colored pants, and take another set of clothing with you to work.”  So the science behind this is quite simple (although it seems like a practical joke)…the body has to breakdown fewer calories. Wild idea here, bear with me…you could always eat slightly less and not have to change clothes after a meal. Just throwing it out there.  Knowing what we know about macronutrients and the digestive system, you’ll find that the blocking of dietary fat is pointless, detrimental, and flat out embarrassing in this case.

Also, 35% of subjects that have taken these weight loss drugs have actually regained mostly all of the weight after discontinuing use.  Again, they are clearly not a stable solution to attaining a good physique and it’s yet another lazy man’s failed dream for an end all weight loss “cure.”  Which is yet another problem. Many people shall continue to eat their fast food with the justification that “I’ve taken my weight loss drug so it’s OK.” Lovely.

A gastric bypass surgery has a similar methodology (although a very different mechanism of action). Less food, lose more weight. Both of these alternatives are unnatural and completely unnecessary in any human being who is not physically handicapped. And a 1300lb man in Mexico who can’t walk lost 500lbs on diet alone so I think you just might have a chance.

Proper nutrition, consistent training and if desired, top notch dietary supplements are your keys to success, not harmful drugs. 

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So take your mother’s advice, even today…say no to drugs…and yes to a healthy lifestyle!

Yours in good health,

~Zachary Mills, Team Labrada

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