NO EXCUSES…Play Like a Champion! :)

To snooze, or not to snooze: That is the question. Oh…and the answer?? NOT TO SNOOZE! 🙂

It is very easy to come up with excuses to not go to the gym, but these are just that…excuses! Life is too short and wonderful to make excuses…

CHOOSE to live a healthy life and you are sure to reap the benefits!

So, if any of the following excuses sound familiar, take my suggestions for how to overcome them and invigorate yourself by getting to the gym and working out! Remember….ENERGY CREATES ENERGY! 🙂

*”I am a beginner and I don’t know where to start.”

Two words…JUST START! Once you get the ball rolling, after a while, you are not a beginner anymore, right? Do not let anxieties over going to the gym prevent you from going….grab a buddy if it will help get you through that door! Many people experience this at first, but it is SO easy to overcome after just a couple of workouts. A good idea would be to start out with the cardio machines since they are simple to use and until you get acclimated with the gym experience. For muscle-building, start with machines, as the pictures will show you how to perform the exercise properly. Once you feel comfortable with the movements (and the gym experience), you can move on to the free weights. As with many things, practice makes perfect. Do yourself and amazing favor and get that foot in the door! 🙂

*”I am too busy. I don’t have time.”

Ohhhhh, yes you do!! Many people are extremely busy, but with proper time allocation and scheduling, you can fit the gym into your busy schedule! Maybe you don’t get an extra hour of sleep in the morning or the extra hour of television at night, but the gym should trump these on the TO-DO list! Prioritize your schedule and GET TO TRAINING! 🙂

*”Gym membership is too expensive.

While it is true that there are certain gyms that are a bit pricey, I can assure you that there are alternatives! Nowadays, there are many more gyms that are offering extremely cheap memberships given the current economy…do some quick research and ask around…It won’t take long until you find one within your budget 🙂

*”I am bored with my workout routine.”

There are SO MANY OPTIONS!! Switch up the exercises that you are performing, switch up the REPEPETITION and TEMPO of your exercises, change your body part splits, etc… Keep visiting my blogs right here at LABRADA.COM for workout ideas! If you are bored with cardio, consider HIIT or take a class! You can bring change and excitement to your workout whenever you CHOOSE! Have fun with your workouts!

*”I am not seeing results and I am frustrated.”

STICK WITH IT!! Results take time. It is easy to want to throw in the towel (literally!), but the rewards of your consistent efforts in the gym will be so worth it. Stick with it until you arrive at what I call your “propel point” ~ the first day that you notice results. After this, your confidence and motivation will grow and propel you to want to see more and more results. This feeling that you will experience will be so rewarding and amazing ~ do yourself an enormous favor and STICK WITH your training!

*”I felt even more tired after my workout.”

This may be the case at first, but as long as you continue and stick with your workouts consistently, this will be sure to change! Remember, ENERGY CREATES ENERGY! If you feel like you are lethargic even after a couple of weeks, make sure that you are not overtraining – if your body is not getting enough rest and recovery, it is telling you that you need to give it some rest, which would explain the tired feelings. Find the proper balance and prepare to get energized! 🙂



GET (and stay) Motivated! 🙂


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