Are Fish Oils the Key to Turning Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine?


Would you like a  six pack?… possibly even a little more definition in all your muscles?….At least I know I would.

Over the past several months we’ve personally been taking a healthy serving of fish oil….. let me tell you, it works. Mid section is tighter, abs are coming, perfect time for hitting the beach this summer.

Don’t believe me… we understand. So here’s the proof….. A study entitled “Conjugated linoleic acid or Omega 3 fatty acids increase mitochondrial biosynthesis and metabolism in skeletal muscle cells”…

A mouth full to say the least, however a great article when trying to understand the fat burning ability of Omega 3’s.

The authors also study CLA (Conjugated linoleic acids) as well. That is beyond the scope of this short article, although we should mention Labrada’s EFA Lean Gold product not only contains a healthy amount of fish oil but also contains CLA.

For those interested in reading the entire study, including the research on CLA, search for the following…. A great read for those dig science lingo.

Vaughan et al.: Conjugated linoleic acid or omega 3 fatty acids increase mitochondrial    biosynthesis and metabolism in skeletal muscle cells. Lipids in Health and       Disease 2012 11:142.

The authors stated the following in their conclusion….

” Omega 3 treatment significantly increased basal oxidative metabolism as well as basal and peak glycolytic metabolism.

Because glycolytic metabolism is much less efficient, this shift likely results in greater glucose uptake.

This is supported by up-regulation of the GLUT4 transporter. Based on these studies, combination omega 3 appears to be a potent stimulator of metabolism in muscle cells……..”

So what does this all mean??? An increase in basal oxidative metabolism as well as an increase in peak glycolytic metabolism. Both of these reactions is our bodies way of generating energy otherwise known as ATP.

Here’s the take home…. with the supplementation of fish oil, your body naturally increases it’s ability to use oxygen to break down energy stores and burn calories.

Fish oil = six pack…. well maybe not that easy…. a great nutrition plan and exercise regime go a long way, but fish oil has been scientifically proven to naturally increase your ability to burn unwanted stored energy….. aka fat.

Now lets briefly touch on this thing called a GLUT4 transporter. The GLUT4 is a protein found in humans (that’s you haha) which is an insulin regulated glucose transporter found in the adipose tissues of muscle. So what the heck does this all mean… the increase in GLUT4 through the supplementation of fish oil leads to an increase in glucose transport to the muscles.

This is turn allows your body to use the glucose more efficiently while performing any type of physical activity. Thus your body has less of a chance to convert and store excess glucose (sugar) molecules into fat.

All in all the supplementation of fish oil increases your bodies ability to use and create energy. Meaning you will burn more calories naturally doing the exact same things you are doing today. Just imagine if you consumed fish oil and added in 20-30 minutes of intense cardio exercise  3 to 4 times a week. You would be ready to hit the beach in NOT TIME!

If all this info wasn’t enough, here’s a graph taken from the study. For all those that enjoy learning through pictures (this is includes me) here is a great figure.


Here we see the massive increase in oxygen consumption at a cellular level. Just eye balling the graph you can see an increase oxygen consumption rate from 550 OCR(oxygen consumption rate) pMol/min to well over 650 with the simple supplementation of fish oil. NOW THAT’S BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

The take away ?…

Consume around 0.8 -to- 1 gram of fish oil per % body per day.

–  If you are around 10% body fat thats roughly 8-10 grams a day.

As if all the fat burning properties were not enough, did you know that fat his healthy for you?

Omega 3 fats which come from more sources other then just fish oil, have tremendous benefits for everyone, no matter your fitness level, goals, or gender. The following few points should really help shed some light on the many benefits to supplementing with omega-3 fats.

In a comprehensive review of human studies, researchers had found that 4 g/d of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil decreased serum triglyceride concentrations by 25% to 30%, with accompanying increases in LDL cholesterol of 5% to 10% and in HDL cholesterol of 1% to 3%. Am I reading this right….? Simply by taking 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids from fish will reduce your serum triglyceride concentrations by 25-30%. Well if that isn’t enough benefit for you to consider taking omega-3 fatty acids here’s a list that will for sure change your mind.

Now let’s go through this list below which talks about the benefits of fish oils. If you already know what each one of these benefits are then you can skip this section, however if you are skipping this section I would hope you are already consuming a healthy dose of Omega-3 fats in your diet.

  1. A reduced susceptibility of the heart to ventricular arrhythmia = a reduced susceptibility to developing an abnormal electrical activity of the heart. This can vary from having an increased or decreased heart rate.
  2. Antithrombogenic = refers to a material within your body that interacts with blood preventing the creation of thrombus or clots.
  3. Hypotriglyceridemic = is a combination of physiological reactions caused by the consumption of Omega-3 fats that promotes fatty oxidation in the liver and skeletal muscles through PRAR (peroxisome proliferator activated receptors)  activation, and increasing the flux of glucose to glycogen.
  4. Retard growth of atherosclerotic plaque = a disease in which plaque builds up inside your arteries. By consuming a healthy amount of Omega-3 Fats you will be reducing the risks of Coronary Heart Disease, Carotid Artery Disease, and Peripheral Arterial Disease.
  5. Reducing adhesion molecule expression = reduces your bodies natural inflammatory conditions.
  6. Reduced platelet-derived growth factor(PDGF) = is a protein that regulates cell growth and division. In particular, it plays a significant role in blood vessel formation(angiogenesis), the growth of blood vessels from already-existing blood vessel tissue. Uncontrolled angiogenesis is a characteristic of cancer. In summary Omega-3 consumption helps reduce the possibility of certain cancerous growths.
  7. Anti-inflammatory = reduces inflammation in joints and other areas of your body through Omega-3 fatty acid consumption.
  8. Promote Nitric oxide induced Endothelium relaxation = promotes smooth muscle relaxation.
  9. Mildly hypotensive = is generally considered as systolic blood pressure less than 90 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) or diastolic less than 60 mm Hg.

Wow!! That was a long list, so lets get some things straight… If you consume a healthy amount of omega 3 fats you will, have a healthier heart, reduce the risk of blood clots, increase your fat burning ability, reduce the risk of  Coronary Heart Disease, Carotid Artery Disease, and Peripheral Arterial Disease, reduce inflammation in the body, decrease the risk of cancer, promote smooth muscle relaxation, and finally have a healthier heart rate!!

Lean LipidsThe benefits speak for themselves. As noted above EVERYONE in my opinion can benefit from the consumption of a healthy amount of Omega-3 fats. This is assumed that you are a healthy active individual with no prior medical issues, if so, it is always recommended to consult a professional.

Fats can be a great part of your nutritional plan. All you need to do is understand what type of fats and what amounts are ideal for you. Omega-3 fats to the rescue!

(NOTE: A good source of Omega 3 fatty acids is Labrada Nutrition’s Lean Body Lipids Fat Burner)

Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Cardiovascular Disease” Penny M. Kris-Etherton, William S. Harris, Lawrence J. Appel. Journal of the American Heart Association

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