Lose Fat Faster!

When I was a young buck, my biggest concern was putting on tons of muscle. Of course I also wanted to have low body fat %, but I wanted muscle more than anything.

Many younger men go through a mucho muscle gain phase when they first start out with training. When I hit my thirties, this all quickly began to change – I no longer wanted to look overly bulky, and I quickly became more interested in looking leaner versus looking more muscular – Huge Difference!

Most people that I run into would rather focus on fat loss first and why wouldn’t they, it looks awesome when you have lower body fat. Think about this: if you saw a guy or gal on the beach and they had a muscular upper body & lower body, but a flabby tummy, you’d probably associate them with being in less than great shape, right?

Now take a guy or gal who has a minimal amount of upper and lower body muscle, but who have a low body fat %, where you can see their lean mid-section (abs), you’d most likely associate them with being in great shape!

So let’s talk about putting you on the fast track for fat loss. Here’s the deal: The first thing you need, is a detailed & direct plan of fat loss attack. This includes:  

A) A weight training workout routine

B) A cardio routine

C) A proper diet  

D) An Attitude Adjustment

Exercise is a great way to burn fat, but not by itself! You need to make sure that you have balance amongst the 4 elements listed above – When you bring balance to your overall plan, you will create a well oiled fat burning machine.

Fat Loss Quick Tips:  

1. Try using chop sticks during your next meal – That’s right, instead of using a fork, use chop sticks. You will find that you pay more attention to what and how much you’re eating and you’ll most likely eat less of it.

2. Burn more calories than you take in.

3. You should get some form of exercise everyday.

4. Eat smaller meals & snacks and have something every 3 hours.

5. Try your best not to eat past 8:00 at night.

6. Follow this adage: Eat like a king in the morning – A prince during the day – And a pauper at night!

7. Up your protein (lean meats, fish, turkey, egg whites, supplemental Whey protein shakes, etc.) intake and lower your carbohydrate (bread, pasta, rice, candy, etc,) intake.

8. Drink plenty of water throughout the day – This will keep your hunger under control and will further help with your body fat burning. 

So how do you Lose Fat Fast or Lose Fat Faster? Try some of these on for size or maybe less size is a more appropriate way to put it!

Keep Going!

James Villepigue CSCS