LCF’S “Gobble Without the ‘Wobble'”! :)

by Lauren Christine Frahn

The holiday season is here and I could not be more excited about it! I just absolutely adore this time of year! Family, Friends, Festivities, and yes…FOOD!! While the holidays are certainly meant for CELEBRATION and INDULGENCE, the key is not to OVER-indulge! Is that even possible?? OH YES IT IS! With Turkey Day being right around the corner, I am going to show you how to ENJOY the “GOBBLE, GOBBLE”…WITHOUT the “WOBBLE, WOBBLE”!

Just because it is a holiday does not mean that you should not get a workout in! In fact, it is all the more reason TO burn some extra calories, knowing that you are likely going to be eating a bit more than normal! (Yes, just a BIT more! ☺) Before you get moving in the car, get YOURSELF moving first! Go outside for a brisk walk or jog, and give THANKS for your HEALTH, your ability to be ACTIVE, and for the gorgeous Fall scenery painted by Nature herself! If you are hosting, your cooking does not count as your workout! Before you pop Tom Turkey and your rolls in the oven, get your own “BUNS” heated up first!

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving morning (besides a great workout ☺ ~ Ha!) is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!! Make it a ritual to start your day off with a healthy breakfast while being entertained by one of the greatest annual productions ever! As you do so, GIVE THANKS for your ability to see, to hear, and to smile! So remember now, if you want to avoid the “BLOAT”, than EAT BREAKFAST while picking out your favorite “FLOAT”!

Whether you are hosting or preparing dishes to bring, make your recipes using less fat and sugar! Yes, it will still taste good! Now, if you one or two traditional family recipes or desserts that you want to leave “as is”, that is certainly understandable, but on all of the other traditional “trimmings”: “TRIM” the OIL, BUTTER, and SUGAR wherever you can! You do not even have to “spill the “green beans”” that you are making these adjustments ~ No one’s taste buds will have any idea ~ and hey, your secret is safe with me! As you cook, GIVE THANKS for your appliances, the use of your hands and coordination, and for the means to put food on the table for yourself and your loved ones.

Ladies, wouldn’t you MUCH rather EAT your calories than DRINK them? Be aware of how much of your “meal” is coming in liquid form, as these types of calories have a tendency to ADD UP very QUICKLY! I do not intend to come across as a party pooper (I know ~ Too late! ☺), but for me there are so many MUCH more ENJOYABLE alternatives! Would I rather have a couple glasses of wine/beer OR a yummy slice of pumpkin pie? Hmmm…PIE, PLEASE! With all of the other delicious aromas and options, you might be doing yourself a BIG favor by leaving room for the good stuff! Why not load up on the clear stuff…without the 80 proof?? Which brings me to my next Turkey Day Tip…

This is one thing that you do NOT have to limit your “helpings” of! In fact, the more you drink, the more you are helping! By keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day, you will be less inclined to “pick” all day long, because you will feel more full. Plus, you will not be mistaking what is really THIRST for hunger! Unlimited refills all around! WOOHOOO! ☺

Your “OFFICIAL” TASTE-TESTER license has EXPIRED, so there is no need to feel that it is your duty to SAMPLE each and EVERY hors d’ oeuvres! ☺ “Plant” yourself next to the veggie platter and stay put! You will be so glad that you did once the dinner bell rings! GIVE THANKS for your will power and self-control.

Just because you have a big plate does not mean that you have to fill it! Nor do you have to overindulge just because you are “supposed to” for the holidays. Stick with average-sized portions! Enjoy the delicious TURKEY as a great source of PROTEIN ~ Choose the WHITE MEAT and take off the skin to ELIMINATE a LOT of FAT and added calories! Make sure to add lots of colors to the plate, too, besides just the beiges (stuffing, rolls, gravy) and whites (mashed potatoes, creamed cauliflower, etc…) Again, the holidays are a time of celebration, so PLEASE ENJOY YOURSELF! Certainly ALLOW yourself a few samples of your FAVORITE traditional sides, but make sure there are also lots of oranges and greens in there (yes, the ones WITHOUT the cream or brown sugar and marshmallows on top! Ha!) As you eat, GIVE THANKS for your ability to smell and to taste. And remember, if you SKIP THE SECONDS, you can “reward” yourself with your FAVORITE dessert! Yes, the one that has called your name since LAST Thanksgiving! ☺

While yes, this is a time for amazing FOOD, it is also a time for your even more AMAZING family! Do not rush through the meal! Savor every bite of food, but also every precious laugh and smile of your family, friends, and loved ones! Look around and GIVE THANKS for the love that you are surrounded by. Enjoy every moment, ladies…THIS is what LIFE is ALL about!

To summarize, please, please, PLEASE make the ABSOLUTE BEST of the holidays! You can still INDULGE in ALL of your favorite foods that you normally would not eat, but you just do not have to go overboard! SAVOR and ENJOY every MOMENT…AND every MORSEL of food! As you do so, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS! There is just SO MUCH to be SO THANKFUL for! God bless you all, M&F HERS GIRLS! THANK YOU for taking the time to read this 😉 HAPPY TURKEY DAY!! XOXO


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