How to Stimulate your Muscle Fibers

Today I will give you one of the best tips that will allow you to build a great athletic physique. You are probably asking yourself what kind of tip it could be and whether it is simple and easy. Remember always that you need to concentrate on getting the right nutrition on top of physical exercise. But what is this magic piece of advice?

It’s not a piece of equipment, it’s not an exercise…it’s much more important than that: it’s your technique and your attitude. To be able to gain lean muscle you need to push yourself enough in order to stimulate your muscle fibers. Most people know that.  Next time you go to the gym, look around and see how people work out. I’m sure you will find some good technique and a lot of technique that is not so good.

The reason I told you this is quite simple: when you perform exercises, you need to stimulate your muscles so that you actually cause microscopic damage to the muscle fiber. With the proper nutrition and the right amount of rest, your body will repair and develop the fibers leading to muscle growth. I’m sure you already know already this, but remember: muscles don’t grow at the gym, they grow while you rest and sleep.

Now the important point is your attitude. When you are trying to gain muscle, you need to lift heavy. But remember to always maintain the right technique for the movement you are performing. Let me ask you a question… Do you think your muscles know which dumbbells you are using for your Incline Chest Press? Of course not. Your muscles have no idea how much weight you are trying to lift. Your muscles will ONLY react to how you stimulate your muscle fibers. It doesn’t matter if you use a 50 lb, 75 lb or 100 lb dumbbells. How you stimulate your micro-fibers will depend on how you do your workout.

The important factors are how many sets you do, how many reps, and the Time Under Tension (TUT). TUT depends on the speed you do your reps. You can lift a heavy load a little bit faster in your reps, and then during the next set, use a lighter weight and go little bit slower.

Make sure you remember this for your next workout. Your muscle don’t react to the number on the dumbbells, bar or on the machine. Your muscles will react to how you train and stimulate your muscle fibers.

One more very important piece of advice: if you train, for example your biceps, make sure you feel the pump in your biceps and nowhere else. Feel which muscle you are trying to workout. If you cannot feel it very well, try to modify your technique. Maybe the angle is not right or you might be moving your elbows too far working your shoulders more than your biceps.

Building a great physique is a fine line. It is like an artist who paints. Sometimes he needs a big brush and sometimes a small one. Make sure you don’t use only the big brush to build your physique.

The most important thing to remember from this article is this: Your Muscles Have No Idea Which Weight You Are Trying to Lift. Your Muscles Will React Only To How You Stimulate Your Muscle Fibers.

Keep Moving, Stay Fit,

Martin Bolduc, CPT

** Martin Bolduc is the author of the Ultimate Guide to Express Fat Loss and the winner of the Lean Body Challenge 2008. Martin is a Certified Personal Trainer ACE and BCRPA and a natural bodybuilder. Martin helps hundreds of clients to reach their goals.  Everything You’ve Been Told About Fat Loss Is Dead Wrong!

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