How To Stay Lean With Automated Natural & Organic Snack Services

With the popularity of meal “grazing” (eating small meals throughout the day) and an urge to buy organic and natural, many companies are capitalizing on automated“natural snack shipping” to accommodate the all too common busy earth conscious individuals and families. There are so many different options and companies that will send you all natural, organic, even local snacks and produce for a low monthly fee. They usually come with perks like free shipping, no commitment, and account credits for referrals. The question arises, then, is it a cheaper option to buy from these services or can you buy the same kind of snacks/produce at your local store for a better price? Are all natural and organic snacks better for you? My thoughts are below.


First, let’s focus on price. You will see many different offers for natural snacks when you’re browsing your social media sites flashing “free first order!”, “free shipping!”, “free free free!”. These deals are always the best. Not only can you sample before you truly commit to buying but you can see the size, quantity, and quality first hand from different companies and make a decision from there. So, if you are looking for something convenient and natural at the best price, these first time buying options are the best deal. The only problem that may arise is if you sign up and forget to cancel your automatic renewal, you may see a charge from $19.99-59.99 on your next month’s credit bill!

After that first month’s promotion, it gets pretty pricey. Cost is very important to people in today’s economy. I have discovered, through lots of searching, that there are great, healthy, organic snacks in your local grocery store for a fraction of the price of these automated services. It is true that you can get natural fresh produce delivered to your door as well, but it is pricey no matter how you slice it. Also, most of these services mainly offer pre-packaged snacks, and although organic and natural, pack a great deal of sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar! What I would suggest is to check the ingredients and nutritional labels of the items before purchasing them online.


Now we can talk about nutrition. There are certain ingredients and values you should be looking for on any label whether you buy it online or in the grocery store. You should never buy anything without checking the ingredients or what I call “blind” shopping. Make sure there is a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium, and fiber. If you intend on eating a snack that is high in protein and carbohydrates, you may want to supplement the fiber with a vegetable as well. These snacks sometimes are not enough in themselves to be wholly nutritious so keeping fresh fruits and vegetables around can help fill in those nutritional gaps.

Bottom Line: So What Should You Do?

I say take advantage of those promotional and first time offers but just make sure you cancel if you do not wish to continue after that first order has been delivered! Also, buy your fresh fruits and vegetables from your local market, organic is always the best choice to save your body from harsh pesticides and chemicals. As for the snacks like nuts, baked veggie chips, whole wheat pita and hummus, etc. make sure you check the label for natural ingredients and a minimum number of ingredients. My rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients in a product and the more recognizable ingredients in an item the better!

Happy Snacking!

About the Author

TinzerLindsey Mills hails from the wonderful windy city of Chicago, Illinois! She grew up with a mother who was perpetually dieting and a father who would do pushups during commercial breaks on the television. Health and fitness was all around her, it was a way of life so natural that she never even noticed it.

She graduated from Benedictine University with a degree in English Language and Literature and moved to Atlanta, Georgia right after. She wanted to start a new life and see what the world had to offer. She joined a gym to pass the time and the rest is history!

She was quickly hired on as gym manager because of her customer service history and just kept on growing in the health and fitness industry. After being certified as a trainer, leading boot camps, and taking a job at Labrada as a sales representative, the health and fitness industry was part of her blood.

With her blog she is now able to combine her love of fitness and writing. She stays up to date on currents trends, subjects, and issues in the health and fitness industry and loves to give advice on how to stay involved and informed.