Formula for Estimating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

Men’s BMR = 1 x bodyweight (kg) x 24

Women’s BMR = .09 x bodyweight (kg) x 24

Remember, your body is never totally at rest. Your body is constantly busy building, maintaining, or reparing cells, maintaining body and muscle tissue. As well as, carrying on an assortment of vital organ functions, breathing, and digestion. You are constantly burning calories. The more efficiently your body does its work- its basic survival work- the higher your BMR will become. the higher your BMR, the quicker you shed unneccessary fat, and the sooner your muscles will become stronger, leaner, and more visible.

About the Author

Jesse de la Cruz is a Registered Nurse with a minor in Nutrition.  He is also a National Level Bodybuilder whose passion is to help others achieve their fitness goals via weight training, cardiovascular exercise and good nutrition.