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Is losing weight (fat weight of course) easy? For most people who have struggled with being overweight, the answer to that question is no. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work to burn just one pound of fat. So, why do the majority of people fail? As a Certified Personal Trainer, I believe the problem has less to do with motivation and dedication and more to do with RESULTS. Nothing kills someone’s motivation more than lack of results. Now, imagine losing 2-3 lbs of fat per week, every week, until an ideal weight is achieved. How amazing would it feel to go shopping for smaller jeans, or that bathing suit that never fit?

While losing fat takes work, the good news is that anyone can do it, and in fact, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. To put it simply, it’s basically a number game.

Nutrition facts
Monitor Calorie Intake Like a Checking Account

It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat. For someone looking to lose 2 lbs of body fat a week, the treadmill alone will not cut it. A combination of resistance and cardiovascular training, along with a strict diet and proper supplementation, is proven the most effective combination. Let’s begin with nutrition.

It’s Almost Impossible To Out Train A Bad Diet!

Young athletic man running at the beachThe first step is to determine a proper calorie range. There are many tools online to aid in this. Based on various factors such as: age, weight and activity level, a recommended daily amount is given. Only use this as an estimate. Record everything consumed for 2 weeks, being sure to remain 500 calories under the given maintenance amount. Two weeks will be enough time to assess how the body will react to the test range, allowing small adjustments until the desired weekly results are obtained. A daily deficit of only 500 calories is reasonable for most people and results in 3,500 calories burned, or better put, 1 pound of fat lost per week, without breaking a sweat. Nutrition is the most important part by far. Now to the fun part, training!!

Train Insane or Remain The Same

bodybuilderThe intensity of the workout makes a huge difference in terms of fat loss. Society spends too much time sitting, (whether it be at work, meetings, driving etc.). Functional training has a distinct advantage over stationary machines. A standing bicep curl is more effective for fat loss than a preacher curl machine. Try standing up, bending the knees, squeezing the glutes and core, pulling the shoulders back, keeping the chest out, and finally– lift the weight. An isolated exercise has now become a full-body movement. Involving more muscle groups burns more calories plain and simple.

Train Smarter…and Harder

Dumbbell man at gym workout biceps fitnessCombining functional training with circuit training results in something called E.P.O.C (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) E.P.O.C results in a slight increase to the metabolism that can last for up to 36 hrs after training. The amount of calories burned from an intense workout, compared to a slower paced one, can add up. Come into the gym on a mission! During 45 minutes of intense circuit training, one can burn 400-700 calories or more, due to the recovery process. Resistance training 5 days a week can burn anywhere between 2000-3500 calories or better put, ANOTHER LB OF FAT. The greater the intensity, the more fat lost. The third step in fat loss is cardio.

Feel The Burn

Not every calorie is created equal. By performing resistance training prior to cardio, the body will maximize the amount of calories burned directly from fat. After an intense resistance workout, the muscles fuel source will have become depleted, resulting in the need to refuel. The most common source of fuel is food. When that source is not available, the body will begin to break down stored fat to keep up with the energy demands placed upon it.

Slow And Steady Is Not The Way

Doing cardio after resistance training will burn more fat. Start with a 5-10 minute warm up, keeping the heart rate relatively low. Next, perform the resistance routine with maximum intensity and short rest times. Finally, it’s time for cardio. Push hard and forget about the ”FAT BURNING ZONE” Incorporate H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) to maximize fat loss. 30 mins of cardio can burn 200-400 calories or more depending on the intensity, resulting in 1000-2000 additional calories burned per week. After establishing a proper nutrition and exercise routine, the final step is supplementation.

Supplements Are Supposed To Supplement, Do Not Rely On Them

The use of quality supplementation can play a small, but helpful role in any exercise routine. The first thing to look for when choosing a product is quality. There are countless brands on the market today, all promising to give amazing results. The truth is, amazing results are EARNED through hard work, dedication, and sacrifice in the kitchen. That being said, supplements can definitely play an important part when the other aspects of training are dialed in. A few of the most effective supplements available include:

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Consistency is Key

LABRADA NUTRITION has the highest quality products available and have been proven very effective when used alongside a CONSISTENT exercise and nutrition program. Nothing takes the place of hard work and consistency. For those training hard and dieting, supplements can help in recovery, energy, strength and fat loss. The use of supplements can help burn an additional 200-500 calories a week or more by increasing the intensity of training, allowing faster muscle recovery and growth, as well as boosting the metabolism.

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Research the products listed above. In today’s day and age, you can find honest reviews on almost anything. LABRADA NUTRITION stands out among the best.

Back to the subject of losing weight….So is losing weight easy? No. It will take a lot of hard work and a small investment of your time. I suggest that you think of it like this… “Is losing weight worth it?” The answer to that, is YES!! Anybody can take control of their health. Focus on the numbers. Everyday is another chance to burn a calorie. When it takes 3,500 calories to burn just 1-LB of fat, be sure to take advantage of every single opportunity given.

Young man standing in a gym with a clipboardTo Simplify:

The four potential areas of fat loss.

NUTRITION: 3,500 calories/week
RESISTANCE TRAINING: 2,000-3,500 calories/week
CARDIO: 1,000-2000 calories/week
SUPPLEMENTS: 500 calories/week

Anyone Can Lose Fat

Follow the steps above and determine a healthy calorie range. Remember, it’s all about numbers.

About the Author

Philip Dolgovin is a personal trainer who achieved amazing success by going from 260-lbs to 190-lbs with 10% body fat. He is passionate about fitness and now helps others accomplish the same success.

You can follow Philip on his website at philgreatfitness.wordpress.com/ and on facebook at www.facebook.com/PhilGreatFitness