Exercise Less, See More Results

Exercise Less, See More Results
By Aris Akavan, ACE CPT, BS MIS

Most of us exercise to reach a goal, whether the goal is to lose weight, to gain muscle, to feel better or to get ready for an event. Some of us have a very detailed plan of how to reach the goal including specific body parts worked on specific days and time frames for reaching particular fitness goals while others just go to the gym regularly and follow pretty much the same routine. Do you think one group will see results before the other? Probably the former will see more results as their workout, and probably diet, is more structured. However both can use assistance from a personal trainer and/or a dietician to workout less and see more results.

What does a personal trainer do?
A personal trainer will empower you to reach your goals trough proper exercise instruction and motivation. Not only will a trainer motivate you to push yourself past what you are accustomed to but they will also provide variation, which is especially important for those that have been working out for longer period. Once the body adapts to an exercise regimen, approximately every 6 weeks, it is not challenged much anymore and results will be slow to show. If you have not changed your exercise regimen in over 6 months you have probably hit a plateau and stopped seeing results.

What does a dietician do?
A dietician is a nutrition expert that works in settings such as hospitals, health clubs, rehabilitation centers and in private practice to help you learn about proper nutrition to promote good health and to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Their nutrition plan will be based on your individual situation, whether you have a chronic condition or are just looking to lose weight. Dieticians will educate you on understanding food labels and learning about healthier food choices.

How can both benefit you?
The main benefit of hiring a trainer or a dietician is accountability. You probably will not skip a workout if the trainer is waiting for you at the gym and you will probably think twice about eating that doughnut at the office if you know the nutritionist will be reviewing your food log. Also both will provide efficiency, the trainer by maximizing your time in the gym and the nutritionist by educating about food groups that provide the best balance of nutrients.

Darlen Kvist a license nutritionist says “ very few people understand that good nutrition makes losing weight far easier” because proper nutrition helps correct the imbalances in blood sugar, hormones and neurotransmitter that encourage us to eat uncontrollably and to feel too fatigued to want to exercise. People blame themselves for eating behavior that might have a root in biochemical imbalances, “They may not see that the bagel they are having for breakfast is setting them up for irresistible sugar cravings and feeling of depression in the afternoon” or that “missing out on good nutrition at lunch is causing them to overeat at night”.

Just as a dietician makes losing weight far easier, a personal trainer will make it easier to reach your goals by showing the same using dumbbells, cables, free weights or machines. Also they will teach you compound exercises, which involve several muscle groups at a time, so that you can shorten your workout time but still work the same body parts. By incorporating the use of stability balls, also known as the Swiss ball, and the Bosu (looks like a half stability ball with a flat side) they incorporate core and balance with exercises you are already doing. Scheduling regular appointment with a personal trainer helps eliminate excuses for not exercising by providing commitment and accountability.

Ways to cut down the cost of a trainer/dietician
And if you think you cannot afford their services, below are some ideas to save. Many of you can reach the results without their help but by hiring them you can reach the results faster and learn few things along the way.

1. Ask a friend with the same goal as yours to split the cost of hiring a trainer/dietician
2. Talk to the gym/health center about discount for buying multiple sessions at one time
3. See if the trainer/dietician would barter their services with something that you have to offer
4. Hire a trainer every few months when you need to change your workout
5. If you hire a trainer/ dietician FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE. Once you start seeing the desired results you will be able to cost justify the expense.

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About the Author
Aris Akavan, ACE certified Personal Trainer & Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, is owner of Body Fitness by Aris. Her mission is to assist others in leading a healthier lifestyle by balancing exercise and proper nutrition to achieve the ultimate body & mind wellness. Aris leads by example as she practices what she preaches. She leads an alcohol free and smoke free lifestyle and has worked out while following proper nutrition practices for over 10 years. In the last few years she also started participating in 5k races, adventure runs and triathlons. You can visit Aris at any of her following websites:


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