Best Weight Loss Food Choices To Include In Your Nutrition Plan

As you go about your diet plan, it’s important to consider what the best weight loss food choices will be to ensure that you not only maintain your energy levels while on that diet, but that you also help get your body burning off body fat as quickly as possible.

One big mistake many people make is not consuming the proper types of foods to maximize their metabolic rate. You must understand that while having the right number of calories is definitely important, if those calories are not coming from proper sources, you’re still not going to get the results you desire.

By choosing the best weight loss food choices to include in your diet plan, you will increase the metabolic rate so you’re burning off body fat that much faster.

Let’s take a look at the best weight loss food options that you should be including.


When it comes to getting in enough protein as well as healthy fats, salmon can’t be beat. While you will definitely be lowering your calorie intake while on the fat loss diet and cutting back on fats, some healthy fats will still be required.

Since salmon offers both of these nutrients in one food, that makes it a very easy way to meet your nutritional needs.

Aim to have salmon twice per week for best results.

Egg Whites

Second, the next thing that you should consider adding to your diet plan is egg whites. While whole eggs are still considered to be healthy in moderation, when the goal is fat loss, just the egg white is what you want.

They will be 100% pure protein and will provide the body with high quality amino acids to ensure muscle mass is retained. Best of all, egg whites are relatively cheap to purchase and can be made in minutes.

Chicken Breast

Moving on, chicken breast is the next great protein source to include in your diet plan. Chicken breast is also high in protein, low in fat, and is extremely versatile. Almost everyone should be able to find a way to prepare chicken in a manner they enjoy, so this is a great one for even the pickiest of eaters.

Cottage Cheese

Finally, the last protein source that’s a must on any weight loss diet plan is cottage cheese. This is a form of protein known as casein, and will be great since it takes an extended period of time to digest in the body.

When you dish yourself up some of this, you’ll be feeding those muscle tissues for hours. It makes for the perfect before-bed snack when combined with a small amount of natural peanut butter.


Looking at your carbohydrate sources, oats top the list here. They’re low in sugar, high in fiber, and will digest very slowly in the body so you get a nice even blood sugar level over the hours to come.

Oats are also high in volume and very filling, so if you’re someone who’s suffering from hunger on your meal plan, they’re the best weight loss food to add in.

Replace your usual bowl of cereal in the morning with oats instead and you’ll be on track to a better diet.


The next great carbohydrate source to include in your program is quinoa. Quinoa can easily replace brown rice in your diet and is even better since it’s going to be a complete protein source that will supply the muscles with the essential amino acids that they require.

It’s also an excellent source of dietary fiber as well, so that will certainly help you out even further.

Anyone who’s a vegetarian will see great benefits from having this part of their daily diet, so be sure that it’s included.


On the fruit side of things, you can’t go wrong with berries. Berries are chalk full of fiber and antioxidants and are relatively low in calories with most varieties coming in at about 50-70 calories per cup, so this is an easy one to add to your day.

Sprinkle them on some yogurt, into a bowl of oatmeal, or blend them up with your protein shake.


Finally, when it comes to your fat intake, look no further than almonds. Almonds are a quick and easy snack to have anywhere you might be and will provide the body with healthy fats as well as a variety of different nutrients that are important to maintain higher intensity exercise levels.

Almonds will also quickly take the edge off any hunger you’re experiencing since they too take a long time to digest in the body, so that’s another benefit that you’ll see from them.

So there you have the best weight loss food options that you should consider adding to your meal plan. If these currently aren’t on the menu regularly, it’s time to make some changes so they are.

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