5 Myths About Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss there are many myths and misconceptions on how to accomplish it. Because of that, I decided to put together this article in an effort to shatter all of these myths that are propagated by the media and the weight loss establishment in order to keep you in the dark! So get ready to have your eyes opened.

Fat Loss Myth #1: Eating Less is Better

Fat Loss Fact: Certain foods determine if you are toned or have love handles. Macronutrients are the most important aspect of achieving real and permanent fat loss. Your body does not need you to starve. What it does need is the right amount of macronutrients at the right times of the day. By doing this you will allow your body to incinerate the unwanted belly fat and get the body of your dreams.

Fat Loss Myth #2: Diet Pills Are All You Need For Fat Loss

Fat Loss Fact: Negative. Ask yourself why you have spent so much money buying diet pills and have never seen real and permanent fat loss results. Some diet pills will help increase your metabolism a bit and give you energy while suppressing your appetite but without the right diet and exercise program you will never achieve your fat loss goals.

Fat Loss Myth #3: Exercising A Lot Will Accelerate Fat Loss

Fat Loss Fact: False, False, False! While exercise helps to lose fat, and it is essential for permanent success, too much of a good thing can be bad. After an hour of working out your cortisol levels will skyrocket and cause your body to eat muscle tissue and store more fat.  Thus, too much exercise has the exact reverse effect of what we are looking for.

Fat Loss Myth #4: Cardio Is All You Need For Fat Loss

Fat Loss Fact: While very important, this is only a piece of the jigsaw puzzle to achieving real fat loss. If you look at marathon runners they all look very skinny. In order to decrease your body fat and have a lean physique, you must follow a good diet and exercise program. If not, then your results will be minimal at best.

Fat Loss Myth #5: After I Stop Working Out, Muscle Turns To Fat

Fat Loss Fact: It amazes me how many people actually believe that once you stop a workout program that you will lose all the lean muscle you worked for. What people seem to forget is what also happens when someone stops a workout program. You may be wondering what this is and I will sum it up for you in 3 words: “They Stop Caring!”

When people quit exercising, they do not care as much about their bodies and tend to eat the wrong foods that allow them to gain undesired weight. I do not know of anybody who quits a workout program and still eats the same way when they were exercising. Thus, since fat is gained as a result of the bad diet and some muscle (not all) is lost due to lack of exercise, it seems as if the muscle that was there before has turned into fat. In reality, that is impossible since muscle cannot turn into fat. However, muscle can be lost and fat gained.

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    March 4, 2011 3:10 am

    Weight loss refers to using kilos on the scale either from muscle, fat or water while fat loss is about getting rid of body flab, losing inches in all the right places and looking slimmer. Excess body fat, increases risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and hyper tension.