You Gotta Eat. Some Fun Lessons From The Neighborhood

John Rowley talks about the importance of meal frequency for your fat loss efforts.

Mangia. “Let’s eat!” in Italian… pronounced manja.

I grew up in an ethnic New York neighborhood that was mostly Italian and whenever you went to someone’s house, it sounded something like this…. “Johnny boy! Howza you Mama anda you Daddy?”

“Oh dey ah great, danks fa askin’”

“Come on Johnny boy, sit down and eat sumthin’”

“Oh I’m not hungry, I just ate”

“Oh that’s a great, how mucha do ya want?”

In my neighborhood, the word “no” just meant you didn’t have enough information to make an intelligent decision. And you had to eat! So….we ate.

If you want to be lean, healthy, fit and vibrant, you have to eat and probably more then you are eating right now. Even if you are over weight you probably don’t eat enough or often enough.

I want to encourage you eat at least five or, six meals a day, dividing your protein, fats and carbs amongst those meals. In addition, we are going to include in a Victory Day!  The Victory Day can be what ever you want and by allowing your self to splurge a little is good for your head and body. Immigrants have been eating this way for centuries.

Next time we are going back to the neighborhood and take a peek at how they ate.  For now start eating more often.

So how many meals a day are you eating now?  Are you eating enough?  Please let me know if you have any questions.  The goal is to help you reach your goals.  Oh and to have some fun while doing it.  Not for nuttin but see ya later!