Weight Lifter – Weight Loss Surgery Patient – Wait A Minute?!

Weight lifter. Those two words invoke an image in my mind of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwartzenneger with rippling muscles, the perfect physique, and the ultimate picture of health & fitness. Years of attention and sacrifice have yielded maximum results! Much time has been spent in the gym working out, lifting weights, and forego personal fun time to build a better body. They feel the most comfortable among their peers in the weight room, at bench presses, and talking to trainers about the latest weight lifting technology. These are the individuals who are the envy of the average person who occasionally visits a gym. Onlookers stare in amazement, dreaming and hoping for just a small fraction of success as this incredibly fit crowd. Weight lifters educate themselves on the best diets and exercise regimes, as well as invest money on the latest craze protein supplements.

Weight Loss Surgery Patient. These words are something I do not have to visualize. I simply look in the mirror each day. It is there I see the remains of abuse and neglect of my body, with feelings of regret. I bear the stretch marks, scars from gastric bypass and plastic surgeries, and carry loose, stretched skin from years of obesity. I spent many a day avoiding the gym; the discomfort made me feel like a fish out of water. My entrance into such a facility also aroused thoughts in the minds of onlookers. Perhaps these sound familiar: “That person must be lazy. Why doesn’t she lose some weight? Get her on an aerobics program and she’d lose 50 pounds in one month!” Morbid obesity set me apart from the average fitness center member. Even after I lost 135 lbs and hit my idea goal body weight, I still felt intimidated by the gym environment! In reality, my physical body is thin. My mentality is still one of a morbidly obese individual. I commonly refer to this as “Reality versus Mentality.” I, too along with many gastric patients, invest money on the latest craze protein supplements.

As you can see, there are vast differences among the two groups: weight lifter and weight loss surgery patient. There is ONE commonality between both FANTASTIC groups of people: our need for quality, good tasting protein! It was through this necessity that I found Labrada Lean Body Ready to Drink products. We’ll discuss more later.

Until then, protein first!

Melinda Richardson
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2 Responses for Weight Lifter – Weight Loss Surgery Patient – Wait A Minute?!

  1. March 5, 2009 8:00 am

    Benjamin, can you email me your blog link? It’s melinda@recoveringfatty.com and I would be interested in checking it out! Thanks so much.

  2. March 10, 2009 6:11 pm

    I have not heard of TriSlim. However, as a weight loss surgery patient, we are instructed not to use these types of products. Our intestines have been rerouted (12 inches have been bypassed) and our stomachs cut away so that we have a thumbsize pouch for a stomach now. Our bodies process, absorb and eliminate foods much differently than the average person. Diet remedies, pills, and aids are considered a big “no”. Thank you for the suggestion for those who are anti-surgery patients.