Water Power: Staying Lean by Staying Hydrated

Water Power: Staying Lean by Staying Hydrated

by Tinzer Mills

When we have an initial thought about what it means to be hydrated we immediately think of water. Our bodies require proper hydration because we are comprised mostly of water. The function of our bodies and muscle development requires water to monitor waste removal, transfer nutrients and oxygen, and run smoothly. What we sometimes forget is to KEEP TRACK of HOW MUCH water we are drinking.

Many of my clients would say that they consume from anywhere between 8 glasses of water to two gallons every day. Although they may be drinking what they consider “a lot” of water, if they are not properly monitoring their water intake, they may not be getting enough.

It is recommended to get between 1 to 2 gallons of water per day, depending on your activity level and diet.

If you work out a couple times a day or work outside, you may require more hydration than those who are simply sitting in their office all day. If you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, both which contain an abundant amount of water, you may be more hydrated than someone who eats mostly saturated, processed foods throughout the day.

Remember, drinking enough water everyday will help your body digest your food more smoothly, make you feel energized, and even make your skin appear younger and more vibrant. Since water is also a natural diuretic, it can help you shed some excess water weight throughout the day.

So what can you do to stay properly hydrated? KEEP TRACK!

1-The easiest way is to simply buy a gallon of water and try to finish it by the end of the day. Either refill the same jug or open a fresh one each day. I would recommend buying a refillable plastic jug so you can clean it every so often. Bacteria tends to grow in unwashed and reused bottles pretty quickly so using a jug that you can wash with soap and water insures that you won’t get sick from any hidden bacteria.

2-Also, another trick, if you don’t like carrying a gallon of water everywhere, is to buy a quart sized jug and make sure you refill and drink at least 4 of those jugs each day. You can keep track by keeping 4 hair ties or rubber bands around the bottle and after you finish a jug, take off a band and put it on your wrist. When you have all 4 bands on your wrist, you have drunk at least a gallon of water for the day. Or you can simply draw a hatch mark in your daily planner, enter it in your phone notepad, or draw an X on the side of the bottle with a dry erase marker to keep track.

However you choose to keep track of your water intake, make sure it’s at least enough to keep you properly hydrated especially in these hot summer months!

For those who want to take your hydration to the next level, buy DISTILLED water to ensure that you are not drinking extra sodium or unwanted chemicals that can hide in our tap water.

Tinzer Mills

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