Hey Labrada fans!! There is a huge MISCONCEPTION that eating fat will make you fat! If you think that a NONFAT diet is healthy for you, you need to learn the proper FACTS and EAT YOUR FATS! No, I am not suggesting that you eat pizza, cheeseburgers and ice cream, as the SATURATED fats in those foods will completely thwart your health and weight loss efforts! However, HEALTHY, UNSATURATED fats, besides being ESSENTIAL for normal growth and development, can actually help you tremendously when trying to LOSE unwanted FAT!

While many of you know this already, I am quite confident that there are many of you who may not believe me…yet! Well, these are just some of the reasons why HEALTHY FATS will BENEFIT you:

*Dietary fat provides you with ENERGY! One gram of FAT provides more than TWICE the energy than one gram of CARBS or PROTEIN!

*FAT BURNS FAT! The body cannot process “old” fat without “new” fat to help this process!

*FAT helps you to FEEL FULL! WOOOHOOOO!!! Who doesn’t like THAT feeling?? Fat takes longer for your digestive system to break down, so it “hangs out” for a longer amount of time, helping you to avoid the “lion roars” in your belly!

*Eating good fats can help to INCREASE MUSCLE! Increased lean muscle mass leads to more calories burned, which translates into more weight loss!

*Fat helps the OTHER foods that you eat to be MORE HEALTHY! For example, vitamins A, D, E & K are fat-soluble, which means that your body cannot properly absorb them without fat!

So, what foods can you eat in order to get these wonderful UNSATURATED fats into your body? Excellent sources include FISH (such as SALMON), NUTS, SEEDS, OLIVE OIL and AVOCADOS. As a supplement, Labrada Nutrition’s “EFA Lean Gold” is an incredible product that will be sure to help you when you include it along with your healthy meals!

Remember, if you want a HEALTHY body that is “ALL THAT”, then EAT your HEALTHY FAT!


Stay motivated! 🙂