The Number One Rule of Grocery Shopping for Staying Lean

The Number One Rule of Grocery Shopping for Staying Lean

For this first blog I thought I would give a short and sweet little trick for healthy shopping at the grocery store. What is the most important and number one rule of grocery shopping for staying lean?


Now, this may seem like common sense to most but many people are in such a rush throughout the day that forgetting to eat before shopping for food happens quite often. The reason it is so important to eat prior to shopping is because when we are hungry, we buy food that we want to eat at THAT MOMENT rather than what we really need to stock up on. Also, we are more prone to buy unhealthy or “snacking” foods since we are subconsciously throwing things in the shopping cart that would satisfy our current cravings.

 I would advise those who spend a long time in the grocery store, those of us who read EVERY label of what we are buying or buy an obscene amount of food per trip, to get over the fear of eating while shopping. I remember shopping recently and a woman eyed me with absolute horror as I took an apple off of the table at my local Whole Foods, looked at it, rubbed it on my jeans, and crunched into it. I just smiled and continued shopping. Now, I had every intention of paying for the apple and I did, but I wasn’t about to let myself shop for the next hour with a grumbling stomach. The way I figured it, I saved myself some money and calories by staying full while shopping.

So if you find yourself mid shopping and your stomach starts to act up don’t hesitate to open up the bag of almonds or raisins that you are buying. It is neither illegal nor bad taste, as far as I am concerned, to eat what you intend to buy even if you are still in the store. So go ahead, be that “guy”, munch away and save yourself some unwanted junk food and calories. And remember, what you buy in the grocery store will be eye balling you from your pantry late at night when you are hungry, so make healthy decisions that “start in your cart”.


One Response for The Number One Rule of Grocery Shopping for Staying Lean

  1. BillSmith


    March 17, 2011 6:39 pm

    What a interesting article. I do agree with you in all your points. Did you ever look or find what the statistics are in what % of people actually by more food while shopping hungry? I bet it is staggering.