Staying LEAN On the Go; What to Keep With You At All Times This Summer!

I’ve had a couple of my clients and friends ask me often why I have an arsenal of food with me at all times, in my purse, my office, and even in my car. I have been known to pull out a protein shake or a bag of celery mid conversation at a restaurant or at a coffee shop whenever I feel that little pang of hunger and I cannot describe to you the hilarious looks I get! I mean, I do eat every 2-3 hours so I need to constantly feed my appetite, but my friends are blown away that someone as lean as me eats as much as I do. As I have to remind them, a constant grazing through the day helps drive an active metabolism and keep one looking Lean.  

My answer to them about my habit of storing food in my purse, office, and car was simple. I said:

 “Because I don’t want to be one to make excuses! There is no excuse to not eat well, not even on the go!”

Many people blame their hectic schedules and busy busy lives as the reasons they are not able to eat well. They say they have to resort to unhealthy fast food when they are hungry and have no other choice! But like I said, NO EXCUSES! And this is coming from someone with at least 6 jobs! Or is it 7?

Anyways, there is ample room in any car/office/purse for a small healthy meal or two, and and even ones that last through the summer heat. And the last time I checked, which was a WHILE ago mind you, you can get a garden salad with fat free dressing and grilled chicken at almost ANY fast food restaurant. So, even if you find yourself starving to death and at a burger joint on the side of a highway, opt for a salad instead of the triple bacon stacker. Remember, it’s about making good choices that allow you to keep your LEAN BODY!

10 Things To Keep at All Times to Stay Lean on the Go!

So, in concordance with this article, here is my list of 10 foods and things to keep in your car/office/purse at all times this summer!

1) Turkey/Ostrich Jerkey– Your go to meat on the go! Make sure you get the LEAN options which are over 95% Fat Free!

2) Natural Unsalted Nuts– I personally like shelled pistachios and raw almonds for a quick source of good fats, protein and fiber!

3)  Rice Cakes– Perfect for a back seat companion this summer as they do not go bad even in temperatures over 100 degrees! I personally eat the unsalted plain cakes but they also come in cinnamon apple and equally delicious flavors and with most being fat free and made from whole grain brown rice, you can’t go wrong!

4) Apples– The perfect fruit for traveling! Fits perfectly in office drawers, glove box, and even your purse! Also, this fruit holds up well in the summer heat in comparison to other fruit like bananas, strawberries, or oranges.

5) Gum– I believe gum is one of the most underappreciated little snacks in the world! It comes in handy to fight sugar cravings and satisfy our occassional sweet tooth! There are even certain varieties of SUGAR FREE DESSERT gum that come in  flavors like strawberry short cake, mint chocolate ice cream, and even key lime pie! Having a little store bank of gum in  your office, car, purse, and even bedroom can help you kill those sugar cravings, without the sugar!

6) Protein Bars– Try to avoid storing protein bars containing chocolate in your car during the summer as they tend to get very messy very quickly. I’ve found that the perfect protein bars for traveling and do not MELT in the heat are the Labrada Cookie Roll bars. They do get a little warm which makes them taste just delicious! It is even suggested on the packages that you heat them up in the microwave as they tast extra devine warmed up! So kill two birds with one stone and get your healthy, high protein on the go meal with a delicious Labrada Cookie Roll bar, conveniently heated by the summer sun! They are available in Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Chip, Iced Brownie, and the new Chocolate Mint and Raspberry Cheesecake flavors! Mmmmmmm………

7)Lean Protein Powder– Your easiest option for a protein source and mini meal to fill you up while driving around or sitting in your office! I like the Lean Body protein powder packets from Labrada as they are smaller and more convenient in size than a 10 lb jug of protein powder for storing in my purse or car. They are perfect for travelers and busy people of all kinds!

8) Distilled Water– Keeping either a gallon jug or a 24 case of 16oz water bottles in your car will keep you hydrated this summer and may even come in handy if the car overheats! Also, having water on hand at all times will make it much easier to whip up a protein shake at that extra long red light!

9) Shaker Bottle– This is your ulitmate tool for a quick meal! Just add your protein powder, some water, (which you already have in your car/office), shake, sip, and enjoy!

10) Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen– You never know when you might get invited to the pool at your friend’s apartment that just opened or even to a quick trip to the near by beach! Having an extra suit with you will let you quickly say “YES!” to spur of the moment beachy activities and give you a reason to show off that LEAN BODY you have been working on for so many months! Also, having your towel can come in handy for any outdoor picnic/yoga opportunites that come your way! Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to protect that beautiful skin on your lean body with some sunscreen! I suggest at least 30 SPF especially for the face! 

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2 Responses for Staying LEAN On the Go; What to Keep With You At All Times This Summer!

  1. Jovia


    April 28, 2011 9:33 pm

    Good read Lindsey and as always GREAT advise..Thanks for sharing!

  2. israel ramirez


    April 29, 2011 9:49 am

    I completely ager with your post. I have my gym bag with me at all times and never without some healthy snacks sometimes even full meals…. you just never know. Thanks for the tips