Stay Lean by Monitoring What You Drink

Stay Lean by Monitoring What You Drink
Fitness expert Lindsey Tinzer Mills talks about the importance of monitoring what you drink in order to stay lean

Some of us do not realize that most of our caloric intake is coming from what we are drinking. This doesn’t just include white chocolate mochas, sodas, milkshakes, but also and most importantly alcohol. Drinking alcohol adds empty calories to your diet and they add up quickly. We also tend to drink more at night when our metabolism is already slowing down causing us to store all the extra calories we are consuming as fat. Alcohol also eats away at muscle mass and turns that “long and lean” look to “soft and flabby” very quickly.

Of course you can still drink if you so choose, in your daily life, but in moderation and in the parameters of making healthy choices. If you want to drink, choose a drink with lower calories like light beer, or a mixed drink with tonic or soda water. Most bars and restaurants now have “light” cocktails like the skinny margarita or skinny Cosmo. Remember, it’s about making good choices, not about complete deprivation.

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