Stay Lean by… EATING?

Stay Lean by… EATING?

Learn the why if you want to be lean, burn fat and stay lean you need to eat! 



We are conditioned by our culture to eat only 3 meals a day. By being stuck in a breakfast, lunch, and dinner routine, we are putting our bodies into a “starvation” mode and causing it to hold on to excess fat. Did you ever wonder why you feel so famished when it comes time to eat, EVERY time you eat? It is because you are literally starving yourself!

You see, your metabolism works best if you eat throughout the day, or as I call it “grazing”.

Remember, your body is smart. It knows what it needs. That is why you need to learn to listen to it. You need to EAT often, to EAT when you are hungry, and you need to EAT enough!


How to Burn Fat By Eating Often

The trick is to constantly feed your body foods that are nutritious-fat-burning-muscle-building foods like lean meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, by supplementing your daily protein needs with protein shakes and bars, you have an even more convenient and helpful way to reach your goal weight; whether that be gaining or losing. I personally love the Strawberry flavored Lean Pro 8 protein powder and Almond Fudge Lean Body protein bars by Labrada Nutrition. They not only keep my diet in check by being perfectly satisfying, delicious, and filling but they also provide me with adequate and high quality protein. They are also the perfect way to maintain a healthy lifestyle with my GO GO GO kind of life.

So, yes, you read that right; you will literally be eating your way to a better body. It is recommended to eat between 5 and 6 small meals throughout the day, with 2-3 hours of space in between them. This will keep your metabolism at a constant high and your body will burn the calories that you put into it rather than holding on to them. I mean, come on, a diet where you can actually eat and not starve?! YES PLEASE!