There is a common misconception that eating HEALTHY means eating foods that have no FLAVOR! However, the fact is that there are so many ways that you can prepare healthy food in a way that you will absolutely SAVOR!

LABRADA Nutrition fans, I can assure you that cooking with LARD will make your weight-loss efforts extremely HARD! So, while you cannot FRY your chicken and potatoes, the healthy alternative is to BAKE them with your favorite seasonings. Love red meat? Great! Even though T-bone steaks are not friendly to your waistline, you can still enjoy LEAN beef tenderloins, which will give much more “Tender” Loving Care to your cholesterol levels and arteries! If you love your PORK products, hope is not lost! Pork tenderloins are also a great option! Also, try lean TURKEY bacon and sausage ~ they are alternatives that really do give the full-fat versions a run for their money!

If cheese and butter are the only way that you will consider eating VEGGIES, try adding a bit of extra-virgin olive oil as a yummy (and “good fat”) alternative! Substitute “creamy” dressings and condiments (ex: mayonnaise, ranch dressing, bleu cheese, alfredo sauce ~ basically, anything “creamy”) with mustard, hot sauce (yes, you can “put that “stuff” on everything”!), lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar. This way, you can still add flavor without all of the unnecessary calories!

The point is that you do not have to dread making a healthy diet your LIFESTYLE! There are plenty of options for whole grain cereals and breads that taste great and that will not cause a large spike to your blood sugar! So, the thought of avoiding flours and sugars that are WHITE does not have to fill you with “fright”, nor does knowing that you should opt for whole grains that are BROWN cause you to wince and “frown”!

You can still have FUN with your food! Be creative! Remember, LABRADA Nutrition fans, NUTRITIOUS can still be DELICIOUS! Make sure to check out the HEALTHY RECIPES section on LABRADA.COM for some AMAZING ideas!


Stay motivated! 🙂