“ORANGE” you supposed to always AVOID eating FRUIT? Do you think that it is “BANANAS” to incorporate one into your DIET? Is it necessary to BEWARE the PEAR? Must you say “NOPE” to CANTALOUPE? Okay, okay, you get the idea!

I am often asked if fruit is “bad for you”…of course not! It is full of VITAMINS and ANTIOXIDANTS and packed with great FIBER, which helps to slow your digestion and help you to feel more FULL! All great things! However, if you are trying to lose weight, it is not a “free” food that you can eat an unlimited amount of, either.

Fruit is very high in the simple sugar, FRUCTOSE, which unlike glucose, is NOT immediately used by the body as energy, and can therefore by “stored” for later use as FAT. No, fruit will NOT make you fat, but it can prevent you from losing fat that you already have if it is hindering your weight loss efforts. Further, understand that fruit is high in CARBOHYDRATES. Often, when on a limited calorie diet in order to shed some pounds, you will also be limiting your intake of carbs, which is another reason why fruit is far from being a “free” food!

However, with that said, you CAN still incorporate fruit into your diet and STILL LOSE WEIGHT ~ You just have to be ACCOUNTABLE for what you eat! Fruit must be factored in as part of your carbohydrate intake, so just eat it in MODERATION (… and if you are a “quantity” eater (like me!), focus on eating more vegetables! You get many more for the same amount of calories, sans the sugar! (WOOHOO!))


Stay motivated! 🙂


One Response for “MUST YOU “BEWARE” THE PEAR?”

  1. karl


    March 13, 2013 2:40 am

    Great little article, What would you suggest to eliminate bloating. Im on a very clean low carb diet that includes no red meat and mainly Fish and vegetables. Im drinking a lot of coconut water. My training is 6 days a week including moderate cardio 3 days a week. I don’t seem to be able to trim that stomach no matter what i do.