So, Labrada Nutrition fans, as long as you are getting in the appropriate amount of calories for your fitness and/or muscle-building goals, isn’t that all that matters? It doesn’t make a difference if you eat them all at one meal or if you break them up throughout the day, right? WRONG!! It makes all of the difference in the world, actually!

For starters, your body can only efficiently utilize a certain amount of food at one time (yes, that includes protein!!) before the excess is converted and stored as body fat. (…And this is likely NOT your intended goal!)

Every time you eat, you stimulate your metabolism for a short period of time. So, by eating at consistent intervals, you are constantly “firing” your metabolism. Think of your metabolism as a fire and your meals as kindling. To make sure that you are continuing to keep the fire’s flame going strong, you will continue to add kindling to it or else the flame will die down. In the same way, by eating meals consistently, you are making sure that your metabolism keeps going strong, instead of allowing it to slow, which occurs when you skip meals.

Are there certain meals that are MORE “important” than others? Well, I would definitely say yes, and they would be BREAKFAST and the meals that surround your WORKOUT. When you first wake up, your body has already been without food for the hours that you have been sleeping (Hopefully between 6-8!!) This means that you want to eat as soon as you get up to make sure that you get a meal in to rev up your metabolism and to prevent your body from using your hard-earned muscle as its fuel source. Regarding the meals around your WORKOUTS, make sure that you get a beneficial PRE-WORKOUT meal to help you optimally perform (by having enough energy!) Choose a meal of CARBS and Slow-Digesting Protein (ex: Casein or meat/chicken/fish) to sustain you throughout your workout. POST-WORKOUT, you want to get FAST-Digesting Proteins and Carbs (Ex: Whey Protein, Simple sugars) to BUILD UP the muscle that you just did such a great job of BREAKING DOWN!

Also, make sure that you are eating “RIGHT” and that your meals are HEALTHY! By eating a combination of protein, high-fiber carbs and healthy fats, you will help to increase your metabolism because this type of food requires MORE ENERGY for the body to break it down!

Summary: To help ensure that your PROGRESS is not ERASED, make sure that your MEALS are properly SPACED! 🙂


Stay motivated! 🙂