Is there a link between obesity and High Fructose Corn Syrup?

“Are you really afraid of a little corn?” Okay let’s start with this piece of stupidity! Large groups of companies have an interest in your dollar and they basically pay the FDA to lay off of them or at least slow down their pursuit. The American Society of Nephrology’s 42nd Annual meeting produced a paper showing the use of high fructose corn syrup is directly linked to hypertension.

Is there a link between obesity and High Fructose Corn Syrop (HFCS)? Over the last 200 years the rate of HFCS has directly paralleled the rate of obesity in this country. In the past 20 years many reports have shown the fastest increase with American’s consuming even 30% more in this decade

A study from the University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Center, reviewed 4,528 adults with no history of hypertension, was given 74 grams of HFCS per day (about 2.5 soft drinks per day). In all cases, the blood pressure increased, mostly due to weight gain. It is so bad that the University of Florida has produced literature to start a “Fructose Index” to help control the excessive ingestion of the product.

The biggest problem is related to the way the body absorbs and stores the sugars from HFCS. Most sugars require insulin, but HFCS is passively absorbed as soon as it enters the digestive tract. If you are not burning energy at a high rate, then your body instantly starts converting the HFCS to fat, by passing the liver in the fat production process.

Table sugar (Sucrose) is made up of glucose (normal blood sugar) and fructose, and for years it has been the content of fructose that many experts have pointed to that drives a concern with its use. It is that simple and so should you be afraid of a little corn, YES, run away from it, keep your children away from it and use naturally occurring sweeteners instead.

Yours in Health!

Dr. David Ryan

Columbus Chiropractic Center Director